Category: Vote with your wallet

I heard from a friend of a friend that Dunkin Donuts sells certified fair trade coffee, but downplays this fact because it will not appeal to the average customer (or make them complain more about the price of getting their fix). I couldn’t imagine that this was true, but it turns out that there is indeed a strong commitment to coffee growers at DDHQ. In fact, all of their espresso beans are fair trade certified.

Of course, last time I asked my local dealer DD employee, she told me they use the same beans for everything, so…

Anyway, this is excellent news for the social justice crowd, since you can avoid Starbucks and your nearest snooty coffee haüs while feeling good that you’re not putting any of your weight behind the unrestrained capitalist foot on the neck of your average Peruvian farmer, working himself to death for a quarter penny of every double mochacappalattechino (with whipped cream and caramel and make that snappy because I’m late for pilates thankyouverymuch) you buy. And if that’s not your cup of joe, then feel free to visit DD (surely you can see at least 3 from the roof of your house, right?) without being reminded of those pesky foreigners who can’t get their crap together enough to get a real job. Everybody wins!