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There’s a possibly apocryphal story that Ernest Hemingway once won a bet by writing a complete story in only six words:

For Sale: Baby Shoes – never worn

I couldn’t help but think of that when I saw this on Craigslist today:

It reads: Kids bike for sale. You can have it for a six pack of Miller Lite.

Here’s the link, though it will probably expire soon.

The title text in this comic is

Lucid John is from the part of Connecticut that used to connect it to Long Island. Most of that part was destroyed in the Oregon-Rhode Island war of 1947 in which Rhode Island was seismically attached to New England using a complex system of pulleys and horrible accents.

Take Pride, paint company!

Take Pride Take Two

This is an update on last year’s post: Take Pride

They’re at it again

  • Home Improvement back on top: (Also, "medical services" was actually a donation to the Jimmy Fund. Um.) #

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  • Who is this Megan Fox hosting SNL? #

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  • These Picerne apartment radio ads are making me contemplate violence. And like zombies, they're bad for the brain and they just keep coming. #
  • Just bought 1.75L of vodka for $11.99. The girl at the counter said "you're not going to drink that, right?" (no, I most certainly won't) #
  • Two uses for undrinkably cheap vodka: 1) homemade extracts (vanilla, mint, etc), 2) liquid to fill airlocks (even microbes won't drink it!) #
  • Stalingrad brand vodka (made in the USA) "special quality" (sorry I'm obsessed with this) #
  • I'd be enjoying this Victory Wild Devil more if Jon Lester was still pitching and the score was reversed. #

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  • How come every time Gmail has an outage that only affects "a small number of users" I'm one of them? EVERY SINGLE TIME. Very suspish. #

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Pretty fancy, eh?

Yeah, this is pretty much it

My first Mac app

  • Just dumped a whole bunch of cocoa powder into my newest beer. Already contemplating brewing up another batch… #
  • My old apartment on CL, all re-painted and stuff. Weeeiiiirrrdd. #
  • Uh oh, taqueria-gate strikes again? RT @bjepson tonight's Providence Geek Dinner has moved to the downstairs bar of Trinity Brewhouse in reply to bjepson #
  • Any other PVD people get an unexpected email from The Rickman Group today? #

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  • Someone remind the Sox they're playing THE ROYALS. #
  • OK, I've got $2,000 to pay down my student loan with. Bang the payment now or $2,000 worth of Keno? BIG PAYDAY BABY. #
  • Bought the new Monty Are I album in a fit of RI pride. I should have previewed first, didn't realize they turned into AFI or something… #

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  • Paraphrased-RT @tednesi Providence Business News is giving daily email readers $100! #twittertelephone #
  • So far, my first Mac app: launches, has a menu, has a window you can type in, and lets you quit. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit!. #
  • I mean, I'm not going to go out and buy a PC or anything, but I laugh every time I see the Windows ad with the little girl's slide show. #

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  • Brewing a cocoa-nut porter and watching the Pats. I love autumn Sundays. #
  • I hope my beer comes out better than the Pats offense this week. #

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