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Em just told me that the creator of Pushing Daisies, one of our favorite shows, also created my favorite 3-episodes-and-out show Wonderfalls! That makes me a little nervous about the pie man and his quirky friends.

It also reminded me that I bought the Wonderfalls DVD set way back and never watched it through. Maybe deep down I didn’t want to watch them all and face the fact that the show was really never coming back.

Or maybe I just forgot. Now where did we pack up those DVDs…


As you may have heard, the Harry Potter series (supposedly) wrapped up this week. Also this year, The Sopranos ended its TV run (you may have heard a thing or two about that, too). I have never read Potter or watched Sopranos, but deep down my social conditioning tells me that some day I might, maybe, hunker down for a week and read the Potter Canon or watch 6 seasons of Tony Soprano non-stop.


Most likely I’ll never get around to either. But still, there’s a little voice that compels me to try to avoid reading any spoilers about how these series end. Last month, it was impossible to remain ignorant of whether or not Tony survived the finale. Now, as the slower reading muggles finish up Deathly Hallows, I have a feeling I’ll be inadvertently learning Harry’s fate any day now.

The lesson? I’ll be watching the Lost finale in 2009 in real time. There are no more pop culture secrets in the internet age.

After months of flirting with the idea, Em and I finally cut the cord. Or, more precisely, the coaxial cable. This week we returned our digital high def DVR cable box to the mothership (Warwick Mall) and bid adios to Cox Cable*.

Now, after hearing other people’s stories about what happened when they threatened to cut back on their wildly overpriced packages, I was sorely disappointed that Cox didn’t even make an effort to keep us hooked up. I was just looking for some validation! Affirm my value as a customer, dammit! But no, nothing. Not even a half hearted offer to give us cheap phone service (not that we even have a phone…).

So begins an experiment in entertainment deprivation. The biggest problem is not getting NESN for the Sox games, but it turns out you can follow the action on, get this, the radio! I’m hoping I’ll lose 10lbs, read more, write a web app, learn Mandarin, and maybe get that old cold fusion thing working.

And if that doesn’t work out, I think we’re getting FiOS in a few months…

* not totally adios, of course. Man can live without cable, but high speed internet is, in reality, indistinguishable from oxygen.

Sticking it to Big Cable

Em has a scary good memory, so when she read about that tainted pet food story last week, she immediately thought SNL. I had no idea what she was talking about until she tracked this video down:

Oh, the irony. Sad, sad, hilarious irony.

No Shep, that’s not for you

After 129 episodes, watching Colin Farrell teach Turk and JD a life lesson was the last leg of my journey to watch every episode of Scrubs. And just in time, too, because Em is returning our cable box to Mothership Cox this week.

So what did I learn? Scrubs is a good show. It has that absurd comedy that I just love (like The Simpsons and one of my new faves, 30Rock) but has an emotional honesty that you don’t see on sitcoms. And the new episodes are just as hilarious as ever. Now, what show can I get hooked on next…

My crowning achievement of 2007

I wrote some new code today that I thought might break some old stuff I wrote a few weeks ago, so I went back and tested it out. Apparently I did break something, because here’s the error message I got: “The change could not be saved for some unknown reason. Frick.”

Yeah, this is what happens when you stay up way too late watching way too much Scrubs. (Only 6 episodes left until I’ve seen them all!)

Too much Scrubs

According to my spreadsheet, I’ve now seen 113 episodes of Scrubs in the last month. And after 113 episodes, I finally got to see the first one ever.

First episodes are weird to watch after you’ve been following a show for a while. I can picture the writers trying to balance introducing their characters with the backstory and future ideas already mapped out. There’s so many little clues to who these people are that you miss the first time around.

So number one was my 114th, which leaves me with only 13 episodes left. Another week and I’ll be free to go to bed at a decent hour (but of course I’ll miss laughing my ass off at 2am).

Just like the first time

As someone who has seen 18 minutes of American Idol in my life, I can’t be the only one who resents Lost getting moved to 10pm, right? And while I’m complaining, I’m ready to stick ice picks in my ears after missing entire scenes of dialogue because WLNE’s HD feed can’t be bothered to keep continuous audio (which, I believe, is NOT Cox’s fault).

On the plus side, I do like me my Lost, and it wasn’t 9° outside this morning, and there’s eight episodes of Scrubs waiting for me before bed, so on balance, a good day.

Lost time

Since Em and I are contemplating canceling our cable, I’ve been trying to get in some quality time with the DVR while I still can. The best use of it I can figure is to find one of those shows that is played 6 times a day on various channels. I thought I might be limited to Seinfeld and Law & Order (all flavors), but it turns out my new favorite show Scrubs gets recorded six times a day!

Of course, I can’t just watch a show, so I made a spreadsheet checklist; in the last 3 weeks I’ve checked off 88 episodes. I figure another week or two and I can stop, which Em will appreciate since I’ve taken to randomly yelling “newbie!” and doing little Turk dances.

Scrubbing in

I hate it when my real-life friends corner me at a party and say “hey, what happened to your 30 days of posting?!” and refuse to let me get to the beer table. What I told them was some lame excuse for a guilt trip (“hey, based on the comments, no one seemed to mind. *sniff*sniff”).

But now, safely hidden behind my computer screen, I can admit the real reason I’ve been negligent in my updates: I met a girl. Her name is Veronica Mars. I’ve spent every night of the past two weeks with her. Em has been very understanding, which is a good thing.

I don’t mind sharing, though, so if you’re like me and forget you’re not in high school anymore, or if you just like your blondes small and sassy, track down the first two seasons of Veronica Mars and see if your nights aren’t filled with “ok, just one more episode…”

Thank God for the Red Sox, because I don’t think I would be able to go 19 weeks without another episode of Lost to infuriate me (in a good way!). America’s favorite plane crash survivors ended their second season this week, also ending season one of Bil and Em’s Lost parties. And only a few weeks after we got this bad boy to watch Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Meriadoc Charlie (mostly Kate) in glorious high def.

Anyway, the finale was pretty awesome, no? So much new stuff to chew on! Are Michael and Walt really leaving the island? “Henry Gale” is the leader of the Others?! And what was that statue? The Collosus of Springfield is my guess. Oh yeah, and Locke, Eko and Desmond might all be dead. Damn you, Lost!

Oh man, I’m going to go watch it again, while browsing these forums and looking for clues on the Hanso Foundation site.

Next episode: October 4th, followed by six more new ones, then the holidays, then 18 straight episodes starting in February. Or you could just keep an eye on this site.

Lost for the Summer