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Usually the sight of hundreds of people ambling down an interstate in a big city is a bad thing. Think 12 Monkeys or Hurricane Katrina. But yesterday in Providence there was a more benign reason to see the citizenry take to I-195 – the DOT bused us up there.

The new highway bridge in Providence is opening up soon, and we got a chance to what kind of bridge you can get for $610 million these days.

Just playing in trafficBridging the gapskylines and support cables

 Pretty cool.

So I’m sitting at gate A15 of the Pittsburgh airport, enjoying the uncommonly free wireless internet access during my three hour layover, and I want to hug whoever’s idea it was to not rape their customers by partnering with a life- and wallet-sucking evil cell phone company to provide wifi. Damn you T-Mobile, for charging me $7 an hour to check my email and post to aC4H.

Hm, I don’t have much more than that to say. Oh wait, here’s a fun fact: “WiFi” isn’t actually short for anything (many believe it’s an abbreviation of “wireless fidelity”, but it’s not). It’s just a catchy phrase made up by some brand management folks so the tech-savvy among us could add another piece of jargon to the alphabet soup world of USB and PCMCIA we inhabit. End fun fact, RI here I come.

Steel City WiFi

I have randomly heard a bunch of people describe situations where they recently saw someone literally drinking and driving (I’m talking about something like a can of coors on I-95 type thing here). Well yesterday I encountered it too. I’m on bald hill road and this guy cruises past me drinking a bottle of Bud. He wasn’t even at a light. Worse yet, he wasn’t watching his carbs.

Well now I’m reminded of that experience yet, again. I live on a very busy road in Warwick. Right now, right in front of my porch a young woman is getting busted for DWI. As 3 cops showed up (is that really needed for one drunk college girl?) I got to watch as they took her though the whole deal. Walking the line. Touching her finger to her nose. Standing on one leg. Touching her toes. Even looked like they pulled backwards ABCs on her. She couldn’t have done so well, unless the normal prize is handcuffs and a ride in the backseat.

I gotta ask it. Why the fuck do so many people think drinking and driving is ok? I’m not even trying to drive at some kind of message here, I just dont get it.

By my unofficial survey, Saab is the only vehicle maker without an SUV model. Even Porche has one. Early next year, Saab will no longer have that distinction. The Saab 97 SUV will be available next spring. You can get one with a gigantic 5.3L V8 and crash it into a Volvo SUV as fast as you can! Go check out the pictures on the website. At least they put the key in the right place, unlike the otherwise worthy 92.

I’d always been snottily pleased by the fact that Saab didn’t have a gas guzzling model, but unfortunately now I’ll have to take my smug pleasure and stick it in my hatchback. I guess I’ll have to wait til I give up my car altogether before I can get my holier-than-thou ‘tude back. Yeah, I said ‘tude.

The Last SUV Holdout

Since Gabe is extolling the virtues of public transit (I knew I let him post here for a reason…), I figure this is a good time to link an OpEd in the paper the other day about train travel in America. The reason it stuck out to me was because it was written by Max Sawicky, who I recognized first as an economist/blogger linked by a lot of the best liberal blogs. Just thought it was cool, and it’s worth a read, too.

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