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Back when the JesusPhone iPhone came out in June, I decided it was a little too rich for my blood. Well, four months and one controversial price drop later, look what I got:


A big part of my decision to go for the iPhone can be seen in the upper left corner of the image (also my $30 ebay phone had picked up a nasty habit of inexplicably beeping every 9 seconds). No expensive AT&T contract means I can keep my cheap T-Mobile plan and still get in on the iFun.

And after only three days of playing with it, I can definitely say it’s better than advertised. This little gadget is pretty awesome.

I also mentioned last June that my AAPL stock might cover the cost if the phone was a hit. If you had bought 8 shares of AAPL the day I posted that, you could have sold it today and netted an iPhone in profits (before taxes). Not too shabby.


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