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I saw this at my coffee shop on Tuesday:

Del is the owner, if you were curious

That was my strategy, too. And that’s all I’ll say about that. (Please, though, note the crying flowers)

Don’t talk about it

The good news: normal bedtimes, lower blood pressure (once the rage subsides), less Tim McCarver, no more Kevin Millar, and being able to watch Lost without flipping channels.

The bad news: resurrection of the perception that 2004 was an outlier and ugh, Ozzie Guillen.

Oh well. It’s not like anything could have topped last year, so it’s just as well that now we can squeeze a little more productive time from our days (more blogging, perhaps?) Wait til last year.

Now all we can do is root for the Halos and ‘Stros. And if this idea hasn’t been put out there, I’d like suggest that an infamous 86 year old curse wasn’t actually broken last year, just transferred to a certain $200 million dollar team of choke artists. So buck up, Yankee fans, anyone can have a bad century.

Anyway, go Pats! (oh, wait…)

Down without a Fight

By the time anyone reads this, today’s game will probably be over, but I’m just bursting with excitement. I wondered if this year would be less invigorating, but I’m pretty giddy now as the defending World Champions take on Chicago.

If anyone’s looking for predictions, I’m guaranteeing the Sox win the series. You can bet on it.


In case you haven’t heard, this is what makes baseball so great. Red Sox-Yankees, the bite in the air, the tightening of the chest, the exhilaration, the electricity. Fenway in October. A-Rod vs. Papi.

And tonight… wow. Timlin, huge. Wells, awesome. Tek! Clutch game all around. I think I bruised my hand while pumping my fist in the ninth.

It’s a three game series now, gotta win two before we lose two. The fridge is stocked with Sam Adams and I’m not taking off my number 34 shirt til Sunday night. This is awesome.

I thought they’d win. I was wary of broadcasting that, but I thought they’d win. Never did I imagine they would absolutely paste the Pittsburgh Steelers to the tune of 41 points. This team, these New England Patriots, are just phenomenal. Wow.

I think you’ll probably hear this a lot in the coming weeks, but the Pats, in two weeks, limited the NFL’s best offense to three points, then scored 41 points on the NFL’s best defense. How are you feeling if you’re an Eagles fan?

What a ride. What an amazing ride. On to Jacksonville. Go Pats!


You wouldn’t be able to tell by reading aC4H lately, but I am really excited about today’s Pats/Colts game. And part of that excitement is fear. This game’s going to be tough, and I don’t know what to expect at all. Let’s just hope that Bill Belichick has been current on the rent for that other place he lives: inside Peyton Manning’s head.

Whoever wins this game has to be the favorite for the Superbowl (especially after the Steelers all but lost (twice!) to the Jets yesterday). Man, this is some good football this year.

Go Pats!

I stayed up to see the final ticks off the clock of the Patriots’ second loss of the season (actually, I stayed up a lot later than that), so you can imagine my surprise when I unfurled the ProJo sports section this early morning and read “Patriots stay the course” and “N.E. holds off Miami, keeps pace with Pittsburgh”. Perhaps my sleep-deprived brain had imagined at least two of Tom Brady’s hope-destroying interceptions. Was it all a dream? It must have been; how else could the defending champs, winners of 26 out of their last 27 games, lose to the woeful 2-win Dolphins?

Alas, even Superman Brady can only throw so many completions while simultaneously being sacked, and the Pats did indeed lose. If they can shape up, though, hopefully it will be their last of the season. And with no more late-night games, I think we can expect the morning paper to get the story straight from now on.

Dewey Defeats Truman!

In case anyone is wondering, I’m ecstatic that Jason Giambi has been outed as the cheating biotch that he is. As if there was any doubt about his use of “performance enhancing” injections into his ass (must… fight… Jeter-bashing… joke… involving testosterone (a component of semen) injections in the butt) after he showed up to spring training this year looking like one of those Russian nesting dolls missing the outer layer.

And now that there aren’t any doubts about the unbreakability of a particular non-existent “curse”, we can pretty clearly state that the two HGH fueled home runs Giambi hit off Pedro in Game 7 last year cost us a 2003 World Series berth. (Perhaps you’ve heard about that game? Aaron Boone hit a walkoff homer in extra innings. In case no one had mentioned that to you recently.) Toss his parasite infested body out of MLB, I say. Or better yet, force the Yankees to play Juiceless Giambi for the remainder of his ill-gotten contract.

Juice Guy

If you’ve been missing that hardy New England sports cynicism in the wake of the Red Sox World Championship ( ! ), here’s something that should warm your pessimist’s heart: the Pats’ historic win streak is no more. The Pittsburgh Steelers put an end to this glorious run at 21.

Go figure, the Sox, who never win, finally do, and the Patriots, who never lose, well they do too.

Streaking Out

Our clownfish looks like David Ortiz.

el pez papi

World Series Good Luck Charm

Oh, and I guess the Pats did something noteworthy yesterday…


I saw this bumper sticker today:

Belichick for Prez

I like it. You know they’re a winning team, and no one can accuse them of not being Patriots. Great choice for disaffected New Englanders (except in NH and Maine. You bastards better not waste your vote!) Get your sticker here.

A Real Choice