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OK, so I missed a day in my quest for 30 in 30. I blame the rain. Who wants to do anything but drink a nice hot cup of coffee and catch up on episodes of 24? Bottom line, I’m sorry. As “punishment,” I’m extending my daily posts by one week. And while “36 posts in 37 days” doesn’t have the same ring to it, it’s still a win for youse guys.

Also, I’ll throw in two posts today. Hooray!

I Missed Saturday!

Tell your friends: starting today I’m guaranteeing thirty (30) continuous days of at least one post going up on A Cry for Help. I’m no Medici, but I think the term Renaissance wouldn’t be out of the question.

What happens if I break my word and miss a day? I’ll let you, gentle readers, decide my fate.

30 Days of Posts

Following James’s lead, I’ve decided to go commercial and put up some Google adwords on A Cry for Help. This is mostly so that I can afford some decent hosting and not have to deal with all sorts of outages and server errors (plus you won’t have to hear me complain). I put them on the inner pages so my extremely strict front page design will remain unblemished. I hope no one minds too much.

Also, in anticipation of trying to make millions of adwords dollars, I revamped the file names of the individual posts, which is extremely important for getting search engine hits. If you run Movable Type, here’s the page I used to guide me along.

And! I’m going over to php pages, which, if I’m feeling especially ambitious, could mean some cool new features for you guys (like an automated Q, perhaps? That one’s for you, Jim).

So that’s the purpose of all the server errors and testing posts you may have seen here lately. It looks like everything is square now. Let me know if you run into any problems, or just have general comments.

And if I start randomly posting about annuities or asbestos cancer lawyers, it’s most likely because the [redacted!]. (I’m just kidding, my posts won’t change. [redacted because googlebot has sarcasm detection turned off])

The Selling Out Begins