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Hello friends! As you may have noticed, I’ve been pushing my Twitter updates to this moribund blog lately. What do you think? Good, bad, boring?

If you’re into the tweeting, you can follow me directly here:

(and if you think Twitter is stupid, I totally know what you mean. I thought it was the distillation of all that sucks about blogs. Then I started actually using it.)

Do you follow?

Yesterday was my last nn birthday, and if you know what that means then you’re a huge nerd (like me and Em). If my memory serves, that means today is’s 6th birthday. I think my first blog post ever, in typical navel-gazing blog fashion, was a complaint about who forgot to wish me a happy birthday. This year I’m moderately more well-adjusted, so I’m just happy about all the nice emails, myspace comments, calls and text messages I got. Thank you guys!

Here’s the card I got at work today (click for larger version):

Bil Island Monthly

(If you can reach way back to middle school math, you’ll remember that nn means I’m 33 = 27. I’m going to try to shoot for 44 (256), but I’ll admit I might not get there)

Birthday Spectacular

Well, Chinese new year at least. And one of my new year’s resolutions is to resurrect this sorry excuse for a web log. I’m going to need your help, though, so let’s start with five people leaving comments to this post.

Another resolution for this (Chinese) new year is to greenify my life beyond curbside recycling. What can I say, I love Al Gore. I’ve got a few things to share that you might find interesting as I try to get my carbon footprint to zero. And if you already hate me for being a smug, self-righteous bastard, it’s probably about to get worse.

So, first post, let’s tie the above two items together. Since this is the Year of the Pig, and eating pigs, it turns out, is terrible for the environment (not to mention the pigs), that bacon bison burger I had last week will be the last yummy pork product I eat. Sure, it will be hard, since, as Vincent Vega so eloquently put it, bacon tastes gooood. But my health might benefit, the environment might benefit, and the pig will definitely benefit, so that’s good enough for me.

I spent the night moving, so nothing good to read tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, though, I think I’m going to talk to the (RI) Secretary of State, Matt Brown, about replacing My Favorite Republican® in next years Senate race. If you want me to ask him something, leave a comment. (Short notice, I know.)

And so you don’t go away mad, here’s a link courtesy of Matt: Geek Squad Mayham

All moved? Good.

I’ve been getting emails and IMs and even non-digital questions (of various degrees of concern) about what the hell happened to A Cry for Help. Just so we’re clear, I’m taking a bit of a blog vacation, moving, enjoying the rare nice day, and making my way through all Dunkin Donuts’ flavors of iced coffee (marshmallow today!). I’ll probably be back sometime in the future. I trust no one’s life has been too adversely affected by this unannounced hiatus, but I hope some have missed, even a little.

As usual, the best way to stay informed of any posts around here is to subscribe to the Cry for Help RSS or Atom feed. (how?)

Hope you’re all doing well. Talk to you soon.

[update – wow, I guess there was some server problems that I never even noticed. Nightwing tried to post last month, and people were even leaving comments! Looks like everything’s back now. Could a renaissance be far behind?]

We Were On a Break!