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I know this is kind of old, but I just saw it today, and it’s pretty cool:

Yup, that’s Providence’s skyline in the background and the terrible soulless blank wall of Brown’s Life Sciences building. Em’s dad’s company worked on the project, which I would imagine was quite an engineering feat.

Move it or lose it

Almost two years after I wrote this post, I finally got to see the Buddy Cianci movie.

It was awesome.

Go see this movie, or I’m revoking your Rhode Islander status. Make sure you watch for my Nana bringing her trash to the dump.

Now that I’m brushed up on my Buddy lore, I’m excited for him to come back to Rhode Island (and to my neck of the woods, no less) in a few months. For more, keep an eye on the Buddy Watch!

Dilbert creator Scott Adams has a great blog that I enjoy reading. This morning we find out that yesterday’s Dilbert strip was sent to the papers with two different end panels, one potentially more risqué than the other. If you’re wondering which one the Providence Journal ran (and can’t guess from this post’s title), it was the “safer” ending. Check out the Dilbert blog to see what you missed.

I’m curious as to who at the Journal makes a choice on this sort of thing, and why. Maybe the decision came from the corporate masters in Texas, which might explain a lot of things

(and just in case you don’t remember ever seeing Dilbert in the ProJo, the strip appears inside the Business section. I didn’t know this for a long time)

UPDATE, later this day:

I got an email from someone at the Journal who tells me that all erring is done on the side of “family friendliness.” After all, we must think of the children! BeloCorp out in Texas has no say on content. This seems right to me, but not nearly as fun as I imagined: Mr. Burns, Dr. Hibbert, Crazy Texas Oil Guy and Dracula sitting around a big table, accelerating global warming and censoring Dilbert cartoons…

Prudish ProJo?

Vowing not to leave the house this past weekend after several near-brushes with death via heat-related decapitation (a real medical condition, so I hear), I didn’t get to see the Buddy Movie at the Columbus. Tsk, bad Bil. Instead, as I sit here wearing my Free Buddy shirt (really!), I have but a link or two and an interesting aside.

First, the ProJo stories (and the other), then Sheila Lennon’s personal experience. Now I’m really sad I missed it, since no one seems to know when we’ll get another chance to see it.

One person who did see it, though, was my aunt Marina, who wisely arrived 45 minutes early for the 10am Sunday show and nabbed a seat to the hottest movie ticket in town. Afterwards, she called me excitedly because, as I understand it, a clip from the garbage workers’ strike era featured her mom, my wonderful Nana, quite prominently. Nana, as anyone who’s met her (and could decipher her words through the thick Italian accent) is one of the biggest Buddy boosters around. She’s not much for getting out to Broadway these days, but I hope she gets a chance to somehow see the film.

(In another “it’s a small state” kinda thing, the ProJo article above quotes an old co-worker of mine, Liz D’Uva. Crazy.)

So here’s hoping Cherry Arnold’s work gets picked up more widely and this Buddy watcher gets to see the flick, preferably at the Cable Car in the shadow of the (former) mayah’s Power Street (former) home.

And, to end, let me dust off a variation on this old chestnut from the days when I was accused of hating America: Buddy deserves to be exactly where he is, in federal prison. For someone who loved his town so much, he sure screwed its citizens while taking a lot of credit for things he had no hand in. Charming guy, yes, and what a character. But still a crook.

Free (the) Buddy (movie)!