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Is it just me, or did the world just now learn that there can be an apostrophe in Hallowe’en? I’ve never seen that spelling in my life before this year and now it’s everywhere I look.


I had plans to do the dishes, brew some iced coffee for the next few days and otherwise be productive, but two hours after I started reading A Softer World I was still sitting at the computer.

Sometimes I get really angry that there are so many people with more creative ability in their smallest extremities than I’ll ever have. Ugh.

Oh, the melancholy

Ah, good to know I’m not the only one who thinks their stupid phone is vibrating in their pocket all the time.

Of course, I only get about 3 real calls a week, which makes my phantom rings that much more sad.

Cell phone hypochondria

Gasoline at Hess in my ‘hood has been consistantly at least 10¢cheaper than everyone else for a couple weeks now – what do they know that everyone else doesn’t?

My Week In Gas

(Major spoilers in the article! Don’t read if you haven’t seen it!)

This is a pretty interesting (and fairly obvious in retrospect) take on some movie that’s got the kids talking, but what does any of that really have to do with the religious right?

Million Dollar Whaaaa-?

I get very distracted by the fact that a prominent political reporter/cable news talking head from the Washington Post shares a name with a particularly scummy, recently ousted Rhode Island politician; it’s hard to take John Harwood the journalist seriously when all I can think of is John Harwood the douchebag.

Journalist or Douchebag?

I think I’m going to roll out a new category: One-Liners. All the posts will be approximately one line in length. It’s the penultimate expression of “little time”+”blogger” (hopefully we won’t get to the final stage, “blog death by 1,000 non-posting days”). You can add or discuss or whatever, as usual. And Mike, Nightwing, Ultra Laser, etc. are more than welcome to add their own one-liners.

And I’m going to try very very hard to put something up about the incredibly exciting day we had yesterday in the world of Providence development. This blog stuff is hard work. Haaard.

One Liners