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lock and load

Spray foam fun.

Packin’ Heat

Here she is:

but she\'s our mess

Yes, it’s missing some gutters. Sure, it’s been scarred by a few ill-fitting replacement windows. I know, the aluminum shutters have seen better days. But she’s our dump, and we like her just fine. What do you expect from a building pushing 140 years old?

American dreamin’

Well, this is it, I have to pack up the computer, so this is the last ever post from our apartment. We closed on the house on Friday, and we’ve been packing up and moving the past couple days. I’m a little sad to go, but we’ve got a lot of good stuff in front of us. See you soon!

Last post from Mawney St

I’ve been traveling, and feeling a little under the weather, and getting less work done than I’d like, so my social life has also been taking a hit. This usually isn’t a big deal, but Em and I are making the huge (and hugely stressful) leap to buy a house and I haven’t told everyone I know yet.

I want to update when it’s more finalized and my blood pressure returns to normal, but I did want to let everyone know.

Now I’m going back into the fetal position until closing…

We’re buying a house