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Em and I have a thing where we try to make it to October 15th before we turn the heat on. October 15th has been balmy the past couple years, so we’ve pushed it back to November 1st. This year we were perfectly content to pull on the sweaters and do some extra cuddling, so we pushed our deadline back again, this time to November 15th.

So today is the 8th and next week is looking awfully far away, especially when there’s frost on the grass in the mornings. Think we can make it, in our third floor apartment with no insulation? There’s nothing like fighting global warming by freezing your ass off…

Getting chilly

Do you have some 1 gallon glass wine jugs clogging up your recycle bin? Would you rather have me give you a few bucks to take them off your hands? I don’t drink a lot of wine (we have trouble finishing a regular bottle, let alone a gallon!), and I need some gallon sized jugs for some experiments, so email me and we can solve both our problems!

Recycling Request

First, these guys are douchebags. Because the folks as the Tennessee Center for Policy Research are either willfully ignorant or just partisan hacks (surprise! it’s the latter), I had to wake up yesterday to the sounds of Dennis and Callahan on WEEI bashing my boy Al Gore. I realize most people haven’t heard of carbon credits and offsets, so I can see why this “story” would gain some traction, but suffice to say that Al Gore is not a hypocrite on climate change. (I’m going to post about carbon offsets later in this series about reducing your footprint)

Now, about the new pets. When we cook, there’s obviously scraps and leftover food that ends up getting tossed in the trash. The sensible, green way to get rid of food waste is to let it rot in your backyard (in a compost heap), but we live in an apartment and besides, winter isn’t the best time to start composting. Unless you can move it indoors, of course, which is exactly what we’re doing.

This afternoon I’m driving down to South County to meet with the Worm Ladies of Charlestown and pick up some red wiggler worms. They’re going to eat my garbage (the worms, not the ladies). I made a home for them by drilling about 600 holes in a few Rubbermaid totes, ripped up some newspaper for them to hang out in, and starting tomorrow I’ll be tossing in coffee grinds, salsa scraps, and, if I can ever start eating more salads, unused vegetable matter. Supposedly, and this will be important to test out, it won’t stink at all.

So the benefit is less trash, which should be everyone’s goal whether or not they compost, and also some really nice, healthy soil for the garden. Once the worms are done chewing up my waste, we’ll have bins of high-nutrient worm poop that they sell for big bucks at the garden supply store. I can’t wait!

Pictures later.

New pets

Well, Chinese new year at least. And one of my new year’s resolutions is to resurrect this sorry excuse for a web log. I’m going to need your help, though, so let’s start with five people leaving comments to this post.

Another resolution for this (Chinese) new year is to greenify my life beyond curbside recycling. What can I say, I love Al Gore. I’ve got a few things to share that you might find interesting as I try to get my carbon footprint to zero. And if you already hate me for being a smug, self-righteous bastard, it’s probably about to get worse.

So, first post, let’s tie the above two items together. Since this is the Year of the Pig, and eating pigs, it turns out, is terrible for the environment (not to mention the pigs), that bacon bison burger I had last week will be the last yummy pork product I eat. Sure, it will be hard, since, as Vincent Vega so eloquently put it, bacon tastes gooood. But my health might benefit, the environment might benefit, and the pig will definitely benefit, so that’s good enough for me.