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I am a bit of a gadget guy, and I love having people over and making food for them. Combine these two passions and it’s no surprise I graduated from this freeze-the-bowl-for-24-hours ice cream maker to this sure-its-225-bucks-but-probably-worth-it ice cream maker.

First person to buy me this book gets 4 pints of your favorite picks from the amazing selection of ice cream/sorbetto/gelato/granita recipes within. Here’s a nice easy link for you…

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Ah, summer.

Here’s the Scoop

I’ve mentioned my unwieldy financial spreedsheet before, right? Well, it just told me that I’ve spent over $50 this month at Dunkin Donuts. Whatever, that’s kind of a lot, but I accept it. And as I contemplate yet another after-work latte, I see that DD has gotten $20 from me this week alone. So now I’m sad. How can I possibly justify yet another $3 cup of mostly milk and ice? (tomorrow is pay day, though…)

My brain, however, has come up with a way to trick me into having my latte and drinking it too: I can recharge my Dunkin Card online! For whatever reason, I’ve come to look down on those recurring $3-$5 purchases as evil wallet vampires, sucking away the blood of my financial life. But! My budget leaves plenty of room for one or two moderate, $20-$40, “on-a-whim” purchases each week. (for instance, I’m getting a tortilla press this week!)

So! What if I just put $20 on my Dunkin card? I get 5 or 6 guilt-free trips to the crackhouse local DD and the spreadsheet doesn’t shame me for another week or two. Excellent.

Dunkin psychology

I love me my kitchen gadgets. I’ve got the citrus squeezer, the pasta roller, various silicone widgets, the coffee grinder that cost me over $100 (totally worth it). So I appreciate seemingly simple leaps of culinary imagination, and this just had me grinning: Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan.

Em is in charge of the dessert baking in our house, but I’d love to give one of these a spin. Of course, I’m a middles man myself, so I might have to wait for someone to invent the Baker’s Middle.

Brilliant Brownie Tech

As my pudgy physique will attest to, I’m not even close to what you might consider a health nut. I have, however, pretty much cut out high fructose corn syrup from my diet (not exactly pursposefully, mostly just from buying less processed and other junk foods.) So, no soda, no fruit drinks, no ho-hos. This weekend, though, I had some lemonade with the old HFCS and man, that stuff is nasty.

Unlike some people, I don’t think sugar is poison, and I don’t think it (directly) makes you fat (my favorite saccharide? maltose.) But I can’t believe how much my reaction to things I used to consume regularly has changed. If you like your Mountain Dew, I suggest never getting off it, you might not be able to go back.

HFCS fun fact: the sugar syrup in most sodas (not this, though!) is actually only about half fructose, with the other half being glucose. And fructose has a much lower glycemic index than glucose (and table sugar). What does this all mean? Who the heck knows.

Sugar. Oh honey, honey

I love salad, I really do. We had some friends over the other night who brought a salad with craisins and almonds. Mmmm. So I have the salad liking down, and I know they’re good for you. And I enjoy them every time I have one. So how come we rarely eat salads around here?! If any of you have some good tips, let me know.

(Don’t worry, I have another post coming tonight, after I have a salad-less dinner and watch How I Met Your Mother (good show!))

Mmm, salad