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Yesterday was my last nn birthday, and if you know what that means then you’re a huge nerd (like me and Em). If my memory serves, that means today is’s 6th birthday. I think my first blog post ever, in typical navel-gazing blog fashion, was a complaint about who forgot to wish me a happy birthday. This year I’m moderately more well-adjusted, so I’m just happy about all the nice emails, myspace comments, calls and text messages I got. Thank you guys!

Here’s the card I got at work today (click for larger version):

Bil Island Monthly

(If you can reach way back to middle school math, you’ll remember that nn means I’m 33 = 27. I’m going to try to shoot for 44 (256), but I’ll admit I might not get there)

Birthday Spectacular

I know this is kind of old, but I just saw it today, and it’s pretty cool:

Yup, that’s Providence’s skyline in the background and the terrible soulless blank wall of Brown’s Life Sciences building. Em’s dad’s company worked on the project, which I would imagine was quite an engineering feat.

Move it or lose it

I’m reading a book that insinuates that one of the characters is weird for picking up socks off the floor with his toes. Is this uncommon? I do it all the time and never thought anything of it but now I’m a little self-conscious.

Also, my second toe is a little longer than my big toe. Google didn’t know what percentage of people have this trait, but it did tell me that the evil podiatry-industrial complex considers it a “disorder” and recommends consulting with your podiatrist. Go figure.

Dexterous toes

It had a good run, but my second generation iPod finally bit the dust this week. It was sad, yes, but progress marches on and I bought a refurbed 2 gig nano for $100. Since most kids these days don’t remember what the old iPod looked like, here’s some pics:

Face to face, new and oldiPod stackLook who’s on top

In the third one you can see the pry marks where I scuffed up case in the process of replacing the sketchy battery (thank you class action lawsuit, can’t wait to use my $50 Apple Store credit on one of those new iMacs…)

As I was snapping these, it became evident that my entire desk is silver and white. I’m all Mac’d out, apparently. Even the rad painting from my friend Rachele matches!

Silver and white

The torch is passed