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Do you have some 1 gallon glass wine jugs clogging up your recycle bin? Would you rather have me give you a few bucks to take them off your hands? I don’t drink a lot of wine (we have trouble finishing a regular bottle, let alone a gallon!), and I need some gallon sized jugs for some experiments, so email me and we can solve both our problems!

Recycling Request

Em pointed me to the ProJo beer blog a while back, but I just recently got around to checking it out (it’s a bit of a pain to navigate, sadly). So, in the beer blogging vein, and since a Sunday night is as good a time as any to kick back with a good beer, I thought I’d post glowing recommendations for two brews that knocked my socks off this week.

The first is the Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema from the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in California. If the word cerveza makes you think only of Corona (as it did for me), clear your mind now. This beer is a beautiful copper color, but very light-bodied. In fact, the first swig is completely unremarkable until a few seconds later when the cream-soda-ish flavor develops like the gum that did in poor Veruca Salt. It’s a great summer beer, as the name might suggest. Highly recommended if you can find it (I picked up mine at Thorpe’s in East Greenwich, which has a beer selection that rivals the Mews*)

The other fermented inhabitant of my fridge this week (besides the way-too-old strawberries I found way in the back) was Landmark Brewing Company’s India Red Ale*, a mix of my two favorite beer styles (India Pale Ales and Red Ales). As you might guess, I loved this stuff. Very hoppy (bitter) but clean tasting and refreshing. If you like IPAs, definitely give this one a try.

Anyone else a fan of good beer?

* good beer, crappy website

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