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Most of all, I am relieved and elated. I am so, so happy and excited about the potential of the next four years. I don’t expect miracles, but I think having an intelligent, curious and pragmatic leader will be an enormous change for the better around here (here being, like, the planet Earth).

I managed to avoid cable news altogether throughout the entire campaign. I highly recommend doing that. I pruned my political blog list down to two, also good for the blood pressure. Still I managed to absorb some of the goofy stuff said about Obama (probably because we wake up to right wing nut jobs on WEEI in the morning). I’m a little curious what happens to the “Obama is a marxist muslim who is gay married to Bill Ayers” crowd when, in fact, America isn’t destroyed over the next four years.

I can’t believe how many white, over 40 year old men I talked to around here that thought there was no way this country would elect a black man. I am really gratified to see they were wrong.

And thankfully, no more Sarah Palin (though I will miss all the extra Tina Fey time I’ve been getting lately!)

Does anyone know how John Pagliarini, Republican candidate for state senate, got my cell phone number? I’ve been robo-called by his campaign and the Don, and then a text message from him this morning. What the eff?! Needless to say, I don’t vote for people who spam me.

Blogging will resume after my so-far-seems-to-be-working strategy of not talking about any preferences I may or may not have for certain kick-ass presidential candidates.

Fo’ real.

The Return

Well, my plan to get Barack Obama the Democratic nomination by ignoring the election on seems to be going well. However, this being election day in Rhode Island and since I’m flush with civic pride, let me take a quick moment to ask you to go out and vote for Obama. The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton will win here in the Biggest Little, but if all the volunteers I’ve been seeing the last few days are any indication, I think it’s totally possible for Obama to pull it out.

Find your polling place here (it might be different than last time you voted!)

Here’s the view from downtown East Greenwich at 8:15am (according to Em, who pays attention to these things while I just try to get the whole “connect the arrow” thing right): traffic was steady but no wait time, more younger men than younger women, more older women than older men, and we overheard one guy mention this was his first time voting (in a primary, no less!)

OK, now go and exercise your America muscle.


I’ve been trying to avoid the presidential election stuff as much as possible. Luckily we don’t have cable, so this hasn’t been too hard. But since it’s the actual year of the election, I figure I can start paying attention (a little). As many of you old skoolers may remember, I got majorly burned by the Howard Dean Iowa flameout, so my heart really hasn’t been in this political season.

However, a lot of people ask me who I’m rooting for to get the nominations. Like many college-educated young white males, I have a big old man crush on Obama (not Tom Brady level man crush, of course. Speaking of which, is there any doubt that Brady could get Ahmadinejad to make nice with Isreal with an aw, shucks wink and a nice dinner with Gisele? MVP and Nobel Peace Prize winner!). I don’t hate Hillary and John Edwards seems fine, but Obama is getting my vote (not that it will matter by the time RI gets to vote)

Bonus pick: I’m pulling for Mitt Romney to win the GOP nom. Sure he’s a crazy unprincipled immigrant lover, but wow, that hair!

UPDATE: ah, my plan to ignore my preferred candidate completely seems to have worked!

Caucus caucus caucus!