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  • Just in case there was any doubt, yes, I am definitely building one of these #
  • Hm. Weird. I always assumed Cathy was written by some sort of comic-bot. RT @projo: 'Cathy' comic strip to end Oct. 3 as author pulls plug #
  • I like having the kegerator in the garage because it leads to more moments like these #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-13)

Today’s tweets (2010-08-12)

  • Coke: "no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage." That's why I call it what it is: Kool Aid. #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-11)

  • A million thank yous to everyone who came to the homestead last night, and my apologies for consistently forgetting to man the grill! #

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Today’s tweets (2010-08-06)

  • More like 25 players, 25 ambulances. RT @projo: 25 players, 25 cabs #
  • Trinity Brewhouse has a pretty good Cascadian Dark Ale on tap. Lots of piney hops and plenty dark without being roasty. #
  • Gowalla just asked me to keep something quiet. That's reverse psychology, right? #
  • Check out that zedonkadonk. RT @singulargirl: Zedonkulous. #
  • I am really excited that this seems to turning into a daily occurrence around here. #
  • Divine Providence golden ale in the glass. Pretty tasty but I'm definitely hoping for some feedback this weekend. #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-05)

  • The bagel shop was closed, so I had to scavenge breakfast in the backyard. #
  • I don't know why, but I always thought Arcade Fire was some terrible emo band, so I never gave them a chance. Making up for lost time today. #
  • A most sad commit message: "Expunged all mentions of the PromoPage, an idea with no future" #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-04)

  • Rumor has it @vburen will be at this Saturday's cookout. Will you? #
  • Monday morning, 800 unread tweets. Read, skim, or send them off into the black hole that eats content? #
  • You guys, I just discovered this really good show, you probably haven't heard of it. It's called Mad Men, you should watch it! #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-03)

  • Not too often you see the walkoff bunt. #redsox #

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