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Today’s tweets (2010-08-30)

  • Watching Jaws with a 'gansett tall boy! — at Jane Pickens Theater #
  • Wow, seeing Jaws at a real movie theater with a crowd was even better than I expected. Such a good movie. #
  • Millions of peaches, peaches for me — at Sweetberry Farms #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-29)

  • After 10 times through, I'm really digging the new Ra Ra Riot album. Well, except for that one song where they think they're Vampire Weekend #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-28)

  • Every time I pull a shot of espresso at home, it makes the kitchen smell like pot. I assume that means I'm doing it right? #
  • Focusing on the drinking part of "designers with drinks" — at The Avery #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-25)

Today’s tweets (2010-08-23)

Today’s tweets (2010-08-22)

Today’s tweets (2010-08-21)

  • Lunch today is leftover pasta with FRESH CORN PESTO. I didn't even know that was a thing until this week. #
  • Uh oh, @studiorah is following me on Twitter. Guess I can't tweet complaints about the upstairs neighbors anymore… 😉 #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-20)

  • Very, very excited to get a bakery in EG! (bummed it couldn't be downtown, though…) #
  • !!! YES! RT @gailciampa: Doherty's East Ave. Pub of Pawtucket opening second spot on Shore Road in Warwick. Doherty's West Shore. 100 drafts #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-19)

  • My TwiScoreMetric is 392. What's yours? #
  • Sure, this Twifficiency thing is perplexing/meaningless, but what really bugs me is the missing apostrophe in "whats yours?" #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-18)

  • Number one thing I hate about Safari: it can't stack tabs in order of recently used. Why?! Am I missing something? #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-17)

  • How did two $33.50 concert tickets just end up costing me $89.45? Oh Ticketmaster, how I hate you. #
  • Kinda feels like Zombieland — at Washington County Fair #
  • Photo: — at Washington County Fair #

Today’s tweets (2010-08-14)