April, 2010 Archives

  • So, probably should have just brought Em's car to the shop for new brakes. Anyone have one of those caliper depresser tool thingies? #
  • I rarely use iCal, but at some point I must have entered this to-do for April 12: "Build bat house." Who am I to argue with my past self? #
  • Notice anything similar? My Flickr shot http://flic.kr/p/7QgTaY and Lost screencap: http://twitpic.com/1f4dim #
  • * @threadless I'm a large! #threadless12 (this message is also for anyone who wants to buy me a Threadless shirt just for the heck of it :) in reply to threadless #

Today’s tweets (2010-04-13)

  • I'm getting really impatient with the "Opera 10.5 for Mac available shortly" message that's been on the @opera homepage for a month+. #
  • Clarence Thomas is only 61 years old, despite being on the Supreme Court for almost 20 years! #

Today’s tweets (2010-04-10)

  • I'm working on a PHP app I wrote 5 years ago. I hate your guts, 2005 Bil. #
  • Also, what kind of CSS crap is this?!
    .style1 {color: #006600}
    .style2 {color: #cc0000}
    .style3 {font-size: small} #
  • Finally watched this week's Lost and saw the hotel we stayed in in Waikiki as part of the show's Los Angeles! #
  • I'm getting a bunch of money back, but even that doesn't seem to motivate me to get my taxes done before the last minute. #
  • The Planet Money podcast people clearly listen to the same radio stations I do, based on their song choices for openers. #
  • Starting with an Ithica saison (with Amarillo hops?) — at Track 84 http://gowal.la/s/5xKv #
  • Too early for Red Sox/Yankees. I need at least a month to warm up. #
  • Loved seeing Pedro, though. Can't wait til the Sox sign him in July. #
  • Ah Opening Day. Anything is possible again. Awesome end to an awesome weekend, no? #
  • It's that time of year again! http://yfrog.com/b93whj #
  • Thanks I guess? 😉 RT @projo: Napolitano pledges to 'bring R.I. back to where it was' http://bit.ly/9GWMYt #
  • Red Hawaiian (my Irish Red that fermented while we were in HI) all kegged and ready for carbonation. Can't wait to tap it! #
  • 10 years from now, there will be tons of 20-somethings who get all sorts of nostalgic when they hear the open to Broken Bells The High Road. #
  • I thought is was going to be Walt. #lost #
  • Heard Gene Valicente read a transcript on the news the other night that started with "Those F***heads". Searching for the clip now. #
  • How would you like to be that guy who got pulled out of his car window? I've seen that clip 40 times now, local and national news. #
  • Would you have guessed Barney Frank is 70 years old today? #
  • Adding BALMHIF to all my complaints today. (But At Least My House Isn't Flooded) #
  • Dayum. http://bit.ly/aSagQy #
  • Apparently ChatRoulette isn't all masturbating 45 year olds! http://bit.ly/cwxLTV #
  • Wow, I never knew that. @neiltyson tells us where the moons of solar system planets got their names http://bit.ly/bemywG #
  • I am so glad we live in a world where, out of the terrible destruction, comments like this can still happen: http://bit.ly/8ZntU2 #riflood #
  • Peep this: http://bit.ly/9ccM2O The winner nailed it, but entry 4 is great too. #