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  • We're on the catastrophe diet tonight, so the only cheese for quesadillas is Cabot Private Reserve. Bummer 😉 #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-31)

  • Just sent $50 to @tsgouros for Treasurer and all Rhode Islanders could be better off if you do likewise! #
  • Very excited to hear that the ear-splitting violin intro/outro on @mothstories podcasts is gone! #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-30)

  • Pretty nice day to stoke up the woodstove in the garage and assemble some hive equipment (it's only been sitting there for 10 months…) #
  • Nothing makes you realize how often you open and close your hand than jamming a piece of metal a half inch into the meaty part of your palm. #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-28)

  • Leg 1. PVD in 17 hours. — at Hilo Airport #
  • Avoiding Starbucks so I can sleep the hours away — at HNL Honolulu International Airport #
  • Ingesting depressants before liftoff — at Kona Brewing Co – HNL #
  • Big ups to the Continental lady who saved us $50 by helping us unpack our luggage of 16lbs. #
  • Of course the last 45 minute flight before we get home is delayed. Come on come on come on… #
  • Back from vacation, just muddled through 1000+ tweets, now I need another vacation. (1800+ rss items next…) #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-27)

Today’s tweets (2010-03-26)

Today’s tweets (2010-03-25)

  • Just had an amazing experience 4-wheeling it to a green sand beach, making some friends, having a beer and swimming in huge waves. #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-24)

  • Now in Kona after a day at Volcano Nat'l Park — at Sheraton Keauhou Bay #
  • Waffle w/macadamia nuts, bananas & coconut syrup — at Island Lava Java #
  • Took the top off the Jeep, stocked up on island brews and fruits, off to the beach. It's gonna be a good day. #
  • I'm at the southern-most point in the USA. (well, at least until the next Hawaiian island pops up in a hundred thousand years) #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-23)

  • I said to Em on Waikiki beach: "I think push-ups was making eyes at ass-crack but she wasn't interested." #
  • Off to the Big Island — at HNL Honolulu International Airport #
  • Old school airport gate. Where's my lei? #
  • Made it to the Big Island! Rain, rain, rain over here on the Hilo side. Off to see some lava flowing into the sea. #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-21)

  • I'm at HNL Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu, HI #
  • A little freaked out because my body knows it's past midnight but I can still see the sun… Aloha! #
  • Looking for beers — at Hawaii Prince #
  • This is the southmost AND westmost I've ever been. No one else seems to be excited about this as I am. #
  • Good morning Waikiki #
  • I've decided it would be inhumane of me to tweet how awesome Hawaii is. Needless to say, having a good time. #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-19)

  • Thirteen unread items in Google Reader as I embark for paradise. Any guesses how many when I get back a week from Friday? #
  • And the TSA collects another pocket knife… #
  • Bummed to be missing @providencegeeks tonight. Guess I'll drown my sorrows with a beer in Waikiki #
  • Veggie burrito: perfect pre-10-hour flight food or worst pre-10-hour flight food? Stay tuned! #
  • "This is your captain speaking, flight time is just 10 hrs, 44 min and 12.5 sec, forecast for Honolulu is sunshine and lollipops. You bet." #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-18)

  • It's just wrong the number of times I click on a link on and it doesn't do anything. "Go to # on this page" yeah, thanks. #

Today’s tweets (2010-03-17)