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  • Man, @thelowanthem was AWESOME on Letterman last night. Dave was mystified by their idiosyncratic instrumentation. #
  • BTW, I changed my Twitter account email to my Gmail address and I'm getting follower notifications again. I guess @Site5 blocks them? #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-16)

Today’s tweets (2010-01-14)

The title text in this comic is

Lucid John is from the part of Connecticut that used to connect it to Long Island. Most of that part was destroyed in the Oregon-Rhode Island war of 1947 in which Rhode Island was seismically attached to New England using a complex system of pulleys and horrible accents.

  • Having a Flemish sour before bed. Tastes like cherry soda. I didn't think a sour beer would be so sweet. Not digging the aroma, though. #
  • Surprisingly successful brew session last night. I let the 20 degree outside temps cool it down from boiling, worked great. #
  • I thought I was just depressingly unpopular, but it turns out Twitter stopped emailing me about new followers. Dunno why. #
  • I'll never do it because this crosses too many of my snobby lines, but I do kinda want to try a new Dominos pizza. http://bit.ly/6XgdBW #
  • Conan at 11 on Fox? I'll take it. Earlier slot and more freedom! 11 is Seinfeld re-run time, and I've already seen every ep. 12 times each. #
  • Can't express how excited I am in 140, but tons of congrats to Em for getting her first peer-reviewed paper published. Look out, scientists! #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-13)

  • I get a perverse pleasure out of swooping in with a winning bid on eBay when there's only 5 sec left. That'll teach ya to bid $1 increments! #
  • Very excited to get this in the mail today! http://yfrog.com/334kmgj #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-12)

  • In 2009, I overshot my discretionary budget by $61. Not bad, but hoping to come out ahead in 2010. I blame my switch from DD to Starby's. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-09)

  • $600 in tile… and that's just the floor… trying to pull the trigger… #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-08)

  • Not happy with Yankee Wine and Spirits. They told me they had @prettybeer Babayaga in stock and I drove ALL THE WAY up there to find none. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-07)

  • * @dpie My main memory of the RI mall is having my of-age girlfriend buy me Keno tickets and eating Auntie Anne's pretzels while playing. in reply to dpie #
  • Going all the way to Massachusetts to get me some @prettybeer. Better pack a snack! #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-06)

  • Playoffs as I see them: Jets knock off Bengals, Pats beat Ravens on a stupid Ravens penalty, Cowboys crush demoralized Iggles, AZ over Pack. #
  • Rd 2: Flat Indy gets a karma-induced loss from the Jets, Edelman torches the stunned Chargers, Vikes beat 'boys on some sort of Romo Eff-up. #
  • Rd 3: Rex Ryan travels to Foxboro to kiss some rings, Brady to Moss ices it in a snow game, Brees out-slings Old Man Fah-ver-a. #
  • Bil's dream Superbowl comes to pass and I don't care who wins. Pats v. Saints in a tight one. #
  • It bugs me so much that it costs $20 to efile my state tax return. I just hate having to pay for the opportunity to save someone else money. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-04)

  • The 3 month old piƱa colada mix said "best used by October 12" I figure this should take care of any nasties http://yfrog.com/4ftc1gj #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-03)