January, 2010 Archives

  • * @ELEV8TOR I can't believe there hasn't been a Tweetie update with new-style RT. I miss a lot because of that. in reply to ELEV8TOR #
  • I do believe @vburen has stood me up, so off we go to the Bucket. (now cue @kelliephelan "Bob's with us!!!!") #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-31)

  • I guess once you get your PhD, you can start doing things like graphing your FB friend requests over time… http://yfrog.com/au44ezp #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-30)

  • I seem to always think this, but the President is rocking this speech. I love the way he's calling out the obstructionists for what they are #
  • The Republican response was brilliant. Why didn't they think of putting the speaker in front of an audience years ago? #
  • Though to be honest I was too distracted by the token citizens behind McDonnell to listen to what he was saying. Women! Asian! Black! Army! #
  • I sit 4 feet away from a window but apparently I still need Twitter to tell me the current weather RT @drmomentum: And snow it begins. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-29)

  • * @smithbrad Tabletmania IV: The iSlatening? iPad-a-thon 8: Revenge of the Newton? in reply to smithbrad #
  • I thought that Lincoln quote from Carcieri last night sounded fishy. @projo confirms Abe never said it. http://bit.ly/9WVraP #
  • Speaking of that speech, I'm sad this is the Don's last. Next year we could do a shot every time he says "yeah, yeah" to encourage applause. #
  • I've got Apple announcement day fever… and the only cure is more tablet! #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-28)

  • Another day, another couple hundred bucks spent on bathroom stuff. It'll be finished eventually, right?! #
  • If you want to get pumped up for the new season of Lost next week, you have to watch this amazingly edited video http://bit.ly/6p4X3s #
  • Brilliant: "I'm with Cocoa" http://www.imwithcocoa.com/ #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-27)

Today’s tweets (2010-01-26)

  • I need Foursquared. "I was at the Red Fez but forgot to check in." #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-25)

  • This is the closest to $25 I've come by adding a second book from Amazon to get free shipping. http://yfrog.com/4a73ip #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-24)

  • Unbelievably proud of my best friend's achievements today: look out world, here comes Dr. Emily, PhD. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-23)

  • Team Eeb came in 7th at trivia night at Union Station. We'll get 'em next time. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-22)

  • The movie Julie & Julia ends with "Julie Powell is a writer and her book 'Julie and Julia' has been made into a movie." No shit? #
  • I mean, I considered myself a Conan fan before, but wow, he's crushing it lately. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-20)

  • Only Jan 16, but I saw one of my bees buzzing about today and we just put in our seed order. Take that, winter. #
  • And thanks @mattbentley and @kelliephelan, we've got 2 bean, 1 carrot, 1 melon, 3 tomato and some flower seeds on the way. Seed Savers FTW. #
  • Drank my part at the Mews last night, had a @gansettbeer porter. Best porter I've ever had, no lie. #

Today’s tweets (2010-01-18)