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  • Yay college friends in Providence! #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-29)

Today’s tweets (2009-12-24)

  • "You there, boy! What day is it today?" "Today, sir? Why today is @trinityrep Christmas Carol Day!" I'm not sure, but this might be 20th. #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-19)

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Today’s tweets (2009-12-17)

  • Wow, awesome: "Hi Bil, Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We'll update the map within a month." #
  • New Hurricane Series brew from @newportstorm is going to be a Coffee Milk Stout! If you're a RI'er, it's your duty to try that. #
  • Home made Oreos! #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-16)

  • I decided to start making beer at 7:30 tonight.

    I don't know why, either. #

  • I just mixed a six and even with 10% off, it was over $18. Also grabbed the Saranac Winter Pack, looks awesome. #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-15)

  • Anyone have a good way of remembering that ⌥ is "option" and ⌃ is "control"? Or am I just going to have to take a sharpie to my keyboard? #
  • * @HelloKit Ironically, the only key with a symbol on the keyboard, ⌘, is the one that's used the most and doesn't need to remind me. in reply to HelloKit #
  • Not sure how it happened, but I think I just talked my boss into buying a Mac. #
  • I know some of my tweeps are on Rackspace. Anyone want to compare notes? Shoot me an email, bil at bilherron com #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-14)

  • I had oatmeal today.

    For the first time in my adult life. #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-13)

  • X-masified #
  • T-Mobile seems to think that my data usage on my iPhone is actually text messaging. Says I sent 119 texts last month, which is 100 too many. #
  • Off to buy some farmers! (That's what they sell at a farmer's market, right?) #

Today’s tweets (2009-12-12)

  • "This usage of a <dl> is proof that writing W3C specifications and smoking crack are not mutually exclusive activities" #
  • Originally I thought $200 for a shower fixture was too high. Now I'm considering one at $450 a bargain compared to the $1400 one I like. #
  • "Bargain" shower in question:

    This one is $4,000! #

  • Latke tweets from @FarmFreshRI, @FakeAPStylebook, and @billprady all in the last hour. What's going on!? #
  • Ha, my 8 year old blog RSS feed has 36 subscribers. My 1 day old Track 84 Beer List feed has 12 :) #
  • This is such excellent news. RI needs more Tom Sgouroses in office #

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