November, 2009 Archives

  • Many thanks to all for the nice birthday tweet-wishes! It was a really good one! #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-30)

Today’s tweets (2009-11-29)

  • HB, Virag! I think this was for you :) RT @mattbentley: Happy b-day bil! #
  • The Spike's website says the Warwick location is open until 1:30 am on Fridays. But they're not. Not even close. #
  • And imagine getting back from a non-open Spike's to find a copper pipe spewing water all over the basement. More soldering practice needed. #
  • I have never witnessed anything so beautiful: a working heat system #
  • Going to Willimantic Brewing Co. for a birthday beer-a-thon! #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-28)

Today’s tweets (2009-11-26)

  • If anyone wants to put in a good word for me with @angusdav or anyone else at @swipely, that would be rad. :) #
  • This morning's out-of-nowhere song in my head is Echo & the Bunnymen's Lips Like Sugar #
  • Jon-ny-cakes + eight #
  • The entire office is watching a guy paint lines on asphalt. That sounds like a euphemism for being bored, but it's oddly fascinating. #
  • Nothing says "Wednesday at the office" like this: #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-25)

  • I don't wish food-related injuries on anyone, but after watching Paula Deen Thanksgiving on Sunday, I can't say I blame the ham one bit. #
  • I like when random objects make faces #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-24)

  • Honest Tea kombucha. Pretty good! I've been choking down a few other kinds, this one is very drinkable for a kombucha newb, #
  • Why?! RT @jonathanstark: iTunes App Store submission day 40: Tweeps REJECTED. Back to square one … Build web apps, people. #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-23)

  • Well, I was hoping to get the heat going today, but instead we no longer have hot water. #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-22)

  • This is very tempting to me, but perhaps it's time to put a cap on the extracurricular activities for a while? #
  • Hittin' up Doherty's Irish Pub in the Bucket tonight. See you there? #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-20)

  • Looks great, but out of my price range RT @dadekian: Went to soft opening of new La Masseria in EG. Food was delicious. Give it couple weeks #
  • Who wants to come work with me? #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-19)

  • Just started watching Breaking Bad. Bryan Cranston is perfectly tough to watch (in a good way!) #
  • Oh, hello __beercompany__! #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-17)

  • This 17 point lead is making me nervous… #pats #
  • I was going to work on @elev8tor's website tonight while watching the game, but I'm probably going to have a heart attack instead. #
  • I don't blame Belichick, I think that was a good call. Why would you think the D would give up 30 yards to Manning but not 60? #
  • Plus, the Pats got robbed on the 4th down spot. #

Today’s tweets (2009-11-16)