• These Picerne apartment radio ads are making me contemplate violence. And like zombies, they're bad for the brain and they just keep coming. #
  • Just bought 1.75L of vodka for $11.99. The girl at the counter said "you're not going to drink that, right?" (no, I most certainly won't) #
  • Two uses for undrinkably cheap vodka: 1) homemade extracts (vanilla, mint, etc), 2) liquid to fill airlocks (even microbes won't drink it!) #
  • Stalingrad brand vodka (made in the USA) "special quality" (sorry I'm obsessed with this) http://yfrog.com/2p2l7j #
  • I'd be enjoying this Victory Wild Devil more if Jon Lester was still pitching and the score was reversed. http://yfrog.com/2dd1gj #

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Today’s tweets (2009-09-25)

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