November, 2008 Archives

What the hell is going on here? This house near my house has been like this for weeks.

Is the Take Pride Paint Company advertising that they got the job? Is the angry property owner chastising the seemingly absent paint company (“take pride, paint company”)? Did the paint company sign their clumsy demand at shaming the homeowner into payment (“Take pride -paint company”)?

More importanly, what’s the over/under date for this building getting painted? I’m guessing June 15th, 2009.

Take Pride

Em just told me that the creator of Pushing Daisies, one of our favorite shows, also created my favorite 3-episodes-and-out show Wonderfalls! That makes me a little nervous about the pie man and his quirky friends.

It also reminded me that I bought the Wonderfalls DVD set way back and never watched it through. Maybe deep down I didn’t want to watch them all and face the fact that the show was really never coming back.

Or maybe I just forgot. Now where did we pack up those DVDs…


Most of all, I am relieved and elated. I am so, so happy and excited about the potential of the next four years. I don’t expect miracles, but I think having an intelligent, curious and pragmatic leader will be an enormous change for the better around here (here being, like, the planet Earth).

I managed to avoid cable news altogether throughout the entire campaign. I highly recommend doing that. I pruned my political blog list down to two, also good for the blood pressure. Still I managed to absorb some of the goofy stuff said about Obama (probably because we wake up to right wing nut jobs on WEEI in the morning). I’m a little curious what happens to the “Obama is a marxist muslim who is gay married to Bill Ayers” crowd when, in fact, America isn’t destroyed over the next four years.

I can’t believe how many white, over 40 year old men I talked to around here that thought there was no way this country would elect a black man. I am really gratified to see they were wrong.

And thankfully, no more Sarah Palin (though I will miss all the extra Tina Fey time I’ve been getting lately!)

Does anyone know how John Pagliarini, Republican candidate for state senate, got my cell phone number? I’ve been robo-called by his campaign and the Don, and then a text message from him this morning. What the eff?! Needless to say, I don’t vote for people who spam me.