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The WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon is going on right now, and though I’m a little late in bringing this up, there’s still time to fork over a little bit of beer money to a good cause. I recommend clicking the link rather than tuning in to WEEI, especially if you’re a big softy like me. They’ve got all sorts of kids and their families talking about their experiences with cancer and the amazing care they’ve gotten from Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund, and that always gets me on the edge of crying.

I’ve decided to donate $10 for every run the Red Sox score in tonight’s game against Toronto. I’m a little worried because they’ve averaged over 12 runs a game against the Rangers this week, but if they score 20 runs tonight I certainly won’t complain.

Please join me, even if it’s just a couple day’s worth of Dunkin Donuts (which, for me, is probably more than $10/run!)

UPDATE 9:30: Well, looks like the game got postponed, so there goes my plan. That means I don’t have to donate, right?! Just kidding. Let’s just pretend the Sox beat up Roy Halliday and the Toronto bullpen for a final score of 10-4. Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Thanks to everyone who came out on 8/9/08, I had a great time and I hope you guys did too. Big apologies to everyone who couldn’t make it because of the postponement, we missed you!

one and half recycle bins full

Next year 9/9/09 is on a Wednesday, so don’t go updating your calendar just yet. Not that we could top Em’s piƱata anyway…


Cookout postponed until 24 hours from now. Saturday at 5pm! This blows.

Apparently it’s not raining everywhere in RI, but it’s pouring here and everything’s soaked.

I hope you can still make it…

Due to rain

From Em this morning:

I’m gonna put candy in its mouth-butt

What is she talking about? Maybe you’ll find out tomorrow at the cookout! You are coming, aren’t you? Email me for directions.

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