March, 2008 Archives

So Em and I had to take a class to learn about being landlords, and we heard the damnedest thing. Apparently, in RI at least, it’s illegal for your landlord to ask you for more than the first month’s rent and a deposit when you move in. All this prepaying the last month stuff, which I have done in every place I’ve ever rented, is not within the landlord’s rights to ask for. Who knew?!

Well, my plan to get Barack Obama the Democratic nomination by ignoring the election on seems to be going well. However, this being election day in Rhode Island and since I’m flush with civic pride, let me take a quick moment to ask you to go out and vote for Obama. The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton will win here in the Biggest Little, but if all the volunteers I’ve been seeing the last few days are any indication, I think it’s totally possible for Obama to pull it out.

Find your polling place here (it might be different than last time you voted!)

Here’s the view from downtown East Greenwich at 8:15am (according to Em, who pays attention to these things while I just try to get the whole “connect the arrow” thing right): traffic was steady but no wait time, more younger men than younger women, more older women than older men, and we overheard one guy mention this was his first time voting (in a primary, no less!)

OK, now go and exercise your America muscle.