January, 2008 Archives

I’ve been trying to avoid the presidential election stuff as much as possible. Luckily we don’t have cable, so this hasn’t been too hard. But since it’s the actual year of the election, I figure I can start paying attention (a little). As many of you old skoolers may remember, I got majorly burned by the Howard Dean Iowa flameout, so my heart really hasn’t been in this political season.

However, a lot of people ask me who I’m rooting for to get the nominations. Like many college-educated young white males, I have a big old man crush on Obama (not Tom Brady level man crush, of course. Speaking of which, is there any doubt that Brady could get Ahmadinejad to make nice with Isreal with an aw, shucks wink and a nice dinner with Gisele? MVP and Nobel Peace Prize winner!). I don’t hate Hillary and John Edwards seems fine, but Obama is getting my vote (not that it will matter by the time RI gets to vote)

Bonus pick: I’m pulling for Mitt Romney to win the GOP nom. Sure he’s a crazy unprincipled immigrant lover, but wow, that hair!

UPDATE: ah, my plan to ignore my preferred candidate completely seems to have worked!

Caucus caucus caucus!