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I’m reading a book that insinuates that one of the characters is weird for picking up socks off the floor with his toes. Is this uncommon? I do it all the time and never thought anything of it but now I’m a little self-conscious.

Also, my second toe is a little longer than my big toe. Google didn’t know what percentage of people have this trait, but it did tell me that the evil podiatry-industrial complex considers it a “disorder” and recommends consulting with your podiatrist. Go figure.

Dexterous toes

Clearly this post is looking bad now.

However, while I’m not happy with the sad state of affairs in Red Sox Nation this week, I think everyone needs to take a step back. The Sox are going to make the playoffs, unless they somehow lose every remaining game this season. It’s possible the Yankees will win the division. That’s ok.

Yes, it’s ok.

This is tough to internalize, but it really, really doesn’t matter how you get to the playoffs. Momentum doesn’t matter. In 2002 and 2003 the wild card team won the World Series. You may remember the 2004 wild card team won it all, too. Last year the Tigers blew a huge division lead and limped into the playoffs as the wild card after getting swept by the hapless Royals. Then they got to the World Series.

Would I rather the Sox win the division? Of course. And with nine games left I still think they will pull it off. But if we end up getting the wild card then I’ll be glad they rested our banged up regulars at the end of the season, and the only thing that matters is how Josh Beckett pitches in game 1.


Oh, Rhode Island, how I love you.

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