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I’ve been planning on getting a new iPod when they came out, and as Rob reminds us, that will happen next week. I bought a new iPod nano last month as a bridge from my old brick to whatever new hot thing Steve Jobs has planned for us.

The question now is, should I put my new nano on eBay now, so it will end before the new model is announced to the wider public? By the time the auction ends and I have to ship it, I’ll be able to shoot up to the Apple Store and play with the iMacs and buy a new iPod. Sounds like a plan, no?

Information arbitrage


In his last three starts, Tim Wakefield is 3-0 with a streak of 22 scoreless innings. His 16 wins match Beckett for most in the majors. Since June 12, Wakefield has 11 wins, most in the majors, and has a decision in all 26 of his starts.


In his last nine appearances, Papelbon has pitched nine scoreless innings in which he has struck out 17 and allowed just one hit [on] Aug. 17. He has now recorded at least one strikeout in 20 of his last 21 appearances. His average of 13.69 K’s per nine innings (71 K’s/46 2/3 IP) is the best among big-league relievers.

I’m getting giddy.

Pitching wins championships

The Red Sox are in Chicago this weekend, and today someone asked me why the games are starting at the seemingly random time 8:11pm. Well, in the Central time zone those games are starting at 7:11, which might remind you of a certain convenience store chain. Yup, 7-11 paid the White Sox $500,000 to start their games 6 minutes later than usual.

I wonder how I can get in on some of that action…

I’ll probably regret this, but I’m feeling good tonight.

Since it’s still way to early, no one has put this out there yet, but the Red Sox’s magic number is now 32. For non-baseball fanatics, this means that the Sox need to win X games and the Yankees have to lose Y games, and if X + Y is 32 or greater, the Red Sox will (finally) have unseated New York from the top of the American League East division. After today, there are 36 more games.

The Yankees have made a pretty incredible run since the All Star break. Still, the Sox are sitting on a 5½ game lead (and I’m listening to the Yankees losing right now). A lot of people were either panicking or rediscovering their annoying arrogance this week (depending on loyalties) when Boston’s lead dipped to 4 games (down from a 14½ game lead earlier this year). I’d go so far as to predict it could get down to 3 games in the next few weeks.

But here’s the thing: this race is over. O-V-A, over. It’s been over since the end May. It might get tight, but it’s always been in the bag. And when we look back at the 2007 season, it will seem like one big great run of leading the division and an easy ticket to the playoffs.

So if you’re in the glass half empty camp, top off your pint with some good beer and enjoy the last month of the season, and worry about whether our bats will be hot heading into October.

Here’s how it’s going to go

It had a good run, but my second generation iPod finally bit the dust this week. It was sad, yes, but progress marches on and I bought a refurbed 2 gig nano for $100. Since most kids these days don’t remember what the old iPod looked like, here’s some pics:

Face to face, new and oldiPod stackLook who’s on top

In the third one you can see the pry marks where I scuffed up case in the process of replacing the sketchy battery (thank you class action lawsuit, can’t wait to use my $50 Apple Store credit on one of those new iMacs…)

As I was snapping these, it became evident that my entire desk is silver and white. I’m all Mac’d out, apparently. Even the rad painting from my friend Rachele matches!

Silver and white

The torch is passed

Look what my bees did!

July honey

Much to my surprise, I managed to take 31lbs of honey from the early summer nectar flow. That’s more than I got all last year, and we still have a month of honey making to go. Awesome.

(also, please note the ice cream book in the back that I had to buy myself. What good is having a blog if you can’t get people to buy you stuff?!)

July Special Reserve

My internet friend Brian Hull emails to tell us to check out War Made Easy, one of those films that makes me sad. He and the RI Progressive Democrats are screening it at the Columbus next Monday night. If your outrage tank is running low, take a trip to Providence and check it out.

More info here.

War, what is good for?