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I had plans to do the dishes, brew some iced coffee for the next few days and otherwise be productive, but two hours after I started reading A Softer World I was still sitting at the computer.

Sometimes I get really angry that there are so many people with more creative ability in their smallest extremities than I’ll ever have. Ugh.

Oh, the melancholy

Do you have some 1 gallon glass wine jugs clogging up your recycle bin? Would you rather have me give you a few bucks to take them off your hands? I don’t drink a lot of wine (we have trouble finishing a regular bottle, let alone a gallon!), and I need some gallon sized jugs for some experiments, so email me and we can solve both our problems!

Recycling Request

As you may have heard, the Harry Potter series (supposedly) wrapped up this week. Also this year, The Sopranos ended its TV run (you may have heard a thing or two about that, too). I have never read Potter or watched Sopranos, but deep down my social conditioning tells me that some day I might, maybe, hunker down for a week and read the Potter Canon or watch 6 seasons of Tony Soprano non-stop.


Most likely I’ll never get around to either. But still, there’s a little voice that compels me to try to avoid reading any spoilers about how these series end. Last month, it was impossible to remain ignorant of whether or not Tony survived the finale. Now, as the slower reading muggles finish up Deathly Hallows, I have a feeling I’ll be inadvertently learning Harry’s fate any day now.

The lesson? I’ll be watching the Lost finale in 2009 in real time. There are no more pop culture secrets in the internet age.

While lamenting my rapidly dwindling bank account (it is summer, after all), I checked in with my famous financial spreadsheet and found something interesting. In 2007, I’ve spent $196.00 on gas for my car. Meanwhile, I’ve spent $232.53 this year at Dunkin Donuts (!). Now you may think I have a problem, to which I’d just have to reply “I’m a Rhode Islander.” Plus I’m pretty sure Dunkin lattes are better for my carbon footprint.

In the same vein, if you’re noticing that you’re spending more than you should, here’s a neat Greek saying about frugality I came across today: “always keep crabs in your pockets.” Can’t you just imagine those pinchy little suckers in your pockets, snapping at your fingers every time you go for your wallet?

Talk about your latte factor!