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I have Apple stock, so I urge you and all your friends to go get in line now to buy an iPhone.

That said, there’s just no way I can justify getting one. I have T-Mobile, so there wasn’t much chance I’d switch to AT&T anyway, but I was thinking about it. Then I did some math and figured that even with the cheapest monthly plan, you’d be out over $2100 when your contract expires in July 2009 (2 year contract is required to even put music on the iPhone). And this is assuming that you bought the 4GB model and fought the temptation to buy any of the eventual upgrades over those two years.

Compare that to my admittedly 2001-era cell phone usage: I have 300 minutes which I never come close to using in a month, and I pay $36 per month including taxes. My phone doesn’t have a camera, but I got it for $30 on eBay. I’m long past any contract expiration date I assume I once had. So in July 2009 I’ll have paid a little more than $900 for the purpose of calling and texting. This takes into account the inevitability of me going swimming with my phone in my pocket and/or tripping over some rocks on the beach and falling directly onto my phone (not that I have any experience with these things…)

Now, I won’t be listening to music or watching movies or taking pictures or surfing the net with a beautiful specimen of industrial design. But I will have $1200 to subsidize a new digital camera and maybe a 7th gen iPod with hopefully some of those tasty iPhone features (please!). And a new iMac. And a new bike. And this book that no one bought me.

Of course, if the iPhone lives up to the hype, maybe AAPL will make me enough cash to not care and I’ll get an iPhone too.


You can imagine how surprised I was today to find out that I am among a select group of Republicans selected to be a representative of the thoughts of all Republicans in my district! Today’s mail brought me a letter and a survey from the Republican National Committee with a plea for my thought. It seems my answers to the Official Republican Census will be used to create a new blueprint for the party.

I am important!

It’s a good thing I got this letter with the census, because I didn’t realize that if I don’t help the party get back on track, liberals like (pro-life) Harry Reid will lead the “Democrat Party” to a generation or more of legislative supremacy! Oh noes!

They tell me that government spending will go through the roof (unlike, I suppose, when the GOP controlled Congress). They tell me that big labor union bosses, radical environmentalists (vegetarians), gun grabbers and trial lawyers will be running my life for 20 years or more!

Here’s some census questions:

Should our homeland defense forces use profiling to protect our nation? (you know, brown people!)

Should President Bush’s successful tax cuts be made permanent? (success is such a relative term…)

Do you agree that we must stop illegal immigration? (unless they mow your lawn for peanuts)

Do you think US troops should have to serve under United Nations commanders? (sounds French!)

Will you send us a check?

  • yes, I support the GOP and here’s _$500 _$250 _$100 _$50 _$35
  • yes, I support the GOP but (being in the bottom 99% of earners I didn’t get much from that tax cut and) I cannot participate at this time. But here’s $11 to cover the cost of tabulating my census
  • no, I favor electing liberal Democrats over the next ten years (!)

Something tells me all that sucking up was just to get my money. I’m tempted to fill out the survey (should Republicans continue to support puppies? No!) and send them some cash so that they can get better computers. Maybe then they could figure out the difference between a genuine Republican and some guy who just wanted to vote for Linc Chafee over Steve Laffey last September…

The GOP is in trouble

Ah, good to know I’m not the only one who thinks their stupid phone is vibrating in their pocket all the time.

Of course, I only get about 3 real calls a week, which makes my phantom rings that much more sad.

Cell phone hypochondria

I am a bit of a gadget guy, and I love having people over and making food for them. Combine these two passions and it’s no surprise I graduated from this freeze-the-bowl-for-24-hours ice cream maker to this sure-its-225-bucks-but-probably-worth-it ice cream maker.

First person to buy me this book gets 4 pints of your favorite picks from the amazing selection of ice cream/sorbetto/gelato/granita recipes within. Here’s a nice easy link for you…

My Amazon.com Wish List

Ah, summer.

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