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I admit it, I can be one of those word snobs at times. I wince at the countless misuses of there, their and they’re. I cringe when people say irregardless (non-ironically, of course). And for some reason, today I’ve been bombarded with the phrase “I could care less” about such and such.

That makes no sense! Why would you say “I could care less” to communicate your lack of care about something? What’s more, it means the opposite of what you’re saying! If you don’t care at all (as in, zero), then it’s impossible to care less (negative caring?) So no, you could not care less!

Well, I thought getting that off my chest would make me feel better, but it doesn’t. I should care less.

The last two emails I received:

foreign policy inbox

Who knew we could fix Guantanamo so inexpensively? Of course, Halliburton would probably charge us $1,200 per shirt…

Almost two years after I wrote this post, I finally got to see the Buddy Cianci movie.

It was awesome.

Go see this movie, or I’m revoking your Rhode Islander status. Make sure you watch for my Nana bringing her trash to the dump.

Now that I’m brushed up on my Buddy lore, I’m excited for him to come back to Rhode Island (and to my neck of the woods, no less) in a few months. For more, keep an eye on the Buddy Watch!