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First, these guys are douchebags. Because the folks as the Tennessee Center for Policy Research are either willfully ignorant or just partisan hacks (surprise! it’s the latter), I had to wake up yesterday to the sounds of Dennis and Callahan on WEEI bashing my boy Al Gore. I realize most people haven’t heard of carbon credits and offsets, so I can see why this “story” would gain some traction, but suffice to say that Al Gore is not a hypocrite on climate change. (I’m going to post about carbon offsets later in this series about reducing your footprint)

Now, about the new pets. When we cook, there’s obviously scraps and leftover food that ends up getting tossed in the trash. The sensible, green way to get rid of food waste is to let it rot in your backyard (in a compost heap), but we live in an apartment and besides, winter isn’t the best time to start composting. Unless you can move it indoors, of course, which is exactly what we’re doing.

This afternoon I’m driving down to South County to meet with the Worm Ladies of Charlestown and pick up some red wiggler worms. They’re going to eat my garbage (the worms, not the ladies). I made a home for them by drilling about 600 holes in a few Rubbermaid totes, ripped up some newspaper for them to hang out in, and starting tomorrow I’ll be tossing in coffee grinds, salsa scraps, and, if I can ever start eating more salads, unused vegetable matter. Supposedly, and this will be important to test out, it won’t stink at all.

So the benefit is less trash, which should be everyone’s goal whether or not they compost, and also some really nice, healthy soil for the garden. Once the worms are done chewing up my waste, we’ll have bins of high-nutrient worm poop that they sell for big bucks at the garden supply store. I can’t wait!

Pictures later.

New pets

I love salad, I really do. We had some friends over the other night who brought a salad with craisins and almonds. Mmmm. So I have the salad liking down, and I know they’re good for you. And I enjoy them every time I have one. So how come we rarely eat salads around here?! If any of you have some good tips, let me know.

(Don’t worry, I have another post coming tonight, after I have a salad-less dinner and watch How I Met Your Mother (good show!))

Mmm, salad

Like a lot fresh-out-of-college kids these days, I left school looking at a distressingly deep debt hole and, despite an impressive sounding degree, few prospects for good work. After facing the obvious realization that having thousands of dollars in credit card debt isn’t any way to live, I got budgeting religion. And if you’ve ever seen the ludicrously massive spreadsheet I keep, you won’t question why I call it religion.

Anyway, I’ve since dug out of the pit and started sleeping well at night, and it occurred to me that I was pretty lucky to be in a position to not absolutely need every dollar that comes in. So last year I made a bucket in my budget for charitable giving. It’s usually about $50 a month, which really isn’t much, but like they say, every little bit.

The reason I’m telling you this is because this month I don’t have any organization in mind to contribute my paltry half-Benjamin (a fat Ulysses just doesn’t sound right, does it). The past few have gone to Save the Bay, the Warm Neighbor fund (my bill for our little apartment was $150 last month!), and the RI Food Bank. If you have a favorite cause, tell me about it and I’ll send them a check this week.

And if you don’t have any suggestions, tell me the group you’d least like to see get a donation.

Every little bit

As someone who has seen 18 minutes of American Idol in my life, I can’t be the only one who resents Lost getting moved to 10pm, right? And while I’m complaining, I’m ready to stick ice picks in my ears after missing entire scenes of dialogue because WLNE’s HD feed can’t be bothered to keep continuous audio (which, I believe, is NOT Cox’s fault).

On the plus side, I do like me my Lost, and it wasn’t 9° outside this morning, and there’s eight episodes of Scrubs waiting for me before bed, so on balance, a good day.

Lost time

Since Em and I are contemplating canceling our cable, I’ve been trying to get in some quality time with the DVR while I still can. The best use of it I can figure is to find one of those shows that is played 6 times a day on various channels. I thought I might be limited to Seinfeld and Law & Order (all flavors), but it turns out my new favorite show Scrubs gets recorded six times a day!

Of course, I can’t just watch a show, so I made a spreadsheet checklist; in the last 3 weeks I’ve checked off 88 episodes. I figure another week or two and I can stop, which Em will appreciate since I’ve taken to randomly yelling “newbie!” and doing little Turk dances.

Scrubbing in

Well, Chinese new year at least. And one of my new year’s resolutions is to resurrect this sorry excuse for a web log. I’m going to need your help, though, so let’s start with five people leaving comments to this post.

Another resolution for this (Chinese) new year is to greenify my life beyond curbside recycling. What can I say, I love Al Gore. I’ve got a few things to share that you might find interesting as I try to get my carbon footprint to zero. And if you already hate me for being a smug, self-righteous bastard, it’s probably about to get worse.

So, first post, let’s tie the above two items together. Since this is the Year of the Pig, and eating pigs, it turns out, is terrible for the environment (not to mention the pigs), that bacon bison burger I had last week will be the last yummy pork product I eat. Sure, it will be hard, since, as Vincent Vega so eloquently put it, bacon tastes gooood. But my health might benefit, the environment might benefit, and the pig will definitely benefit, so that’s good enough for me.