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It’s that day again! No, not the default iCal icon, but the birthday of two people near and dear to me: Em and Chris! And what better way to celebrate than catch a Friday night Pawsox game?

buy me some peanuts and cracker jack!

Thanks go to Jim for snapping the shot of the scoreboard. Sure they misspelled her name, but that was probably my poor handwriting. Tonight being Em’s actual birthday, I gave her what every girl wants: a few hours with Johnny Depp. I hope Chris got something equally sexy.

Seven Seventeen

Whenever I have fantasies of starting a business where I get to do cool things and hang out with friends all day, I think of Threadless and get violently jealous. Then I buy one of their sweet t-shirts and I feel better. Threadless is an ongoing design competition, in which a few winners (as voted by thousands of threadless users) get their design printed on a tee every week. There’s some amazing stuff that comes out of these contests, and you’re about to see one of the next winners right here. My friend Chris submitted this last week (click the pic for a larger view):

Hairy Chest - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Wouldn’t this be a good time to sign up and vote this shirt a 5? I think it would.

I ♥ Threadless

Just a reminder for my real-life, analog friends:

Cookout this weekend!!

I realize this is also a hot tip for my many digital stalkers, but what the heck, you’re invited too. Bring some beer.