June, 2006 Archives

So there I was, just trying to watch a little Veronica Mars before going bed, when something largish and flyingish enters my peripheral vision. Now, it takes a lot to get me to take my eyes off the always cute Kristen Bell, but largish and flyingish at 1:00am will do it.

So yeah. It was a bat. In my living room. Flying in circles, inches from my head. That was, you may imagine, a little freaky. So I crawled under the desk and tried to hatch a plan to coax the winged rodent out of my Veronica space. What would you do?

What the?!

Who can grill a pizza? I desperately need your help! With today’s beautiful weather and our recent acquisition of a gas grill and giant picnic table, Em and I thought “what better day to fire up the grill and make a tasty pizza?” Attempt number one yielded what I would call “cajun flatbread” (you might say “charred brick formerly known as dough”). Attempt two was barely salvaged (and yet still yummy). Please, please, give me some pizza grilling tips!

Calling All Grillers

I’m watching the Sox game, and it’s 1-1 going into the bottom of the ninth in Minnesota. What a game! I hope Boston wins, of course, but even if the Twins pull it out, this one was worth the price of admission. Johan Santana striking out 13! Curt Schilling matching him out for out. The home runs, the double plays… what a great game.

Watching games like this reminds me of the 1999 season, where every five days felt like history in the making when Pedro took the hill. I remember thinking that this might be as good as it gets (thankfully I was proven wrong about that in 2004), and just soaking it all in. I managed to see three Pedro starts that year (including one where he struck out the first six batters, only to leave the game in the third inning) and every time it was electric. I imagine that’s what it’s like to be a Twins fan now. Wow.

As I typed this up, it looks like the Twins are going to win it, even against Papelbon. Let me wrap this up so we can get into extra frames…


I hate it when my real-life friends corner me at a party and say “hey, what happened to your 30 days of posting?!” and refuse to let me get to the beer table. What I told them was some lame excuse for a guilt trip (“hey, based on the comments, no one seemed to mind. *sniff*sniff”).

But now, safely hidden behind my computer screen, I can admit the real reason I’ve been negligent in my updates: I met a girl. Her name is Veronica Mars. I’ve spent every night of the past two weeks with her. Em has been very understanding, which is a good thing.

I don’t mind sharing, though, so if you’re like me and forget you’re not in high school anymore, or if you just like your blondes small and sassy, track down the first two seasons of Veronica Mars and see if your nights aren’t filled with “ok, just one more episode…”