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The Bil Blogs family has a new edition: my friend Pete has set up a blog documenting his adventures in (de)construction. Despite multiple invites, I haven’t actually been down to his place (it’s in Wyoming, ‘ferchrissake!), so I’m excited to watch the progress on the web.

This may remind you of the UL’s venture into house blogging, which has withered worse than even this site! Maybe we can shame him into an update…

And I am also looking for a house, which given the asking prices in my neighborhood, I should be able to buy in, oh, never. Unless someone has an extra three hundred grand sitting around…

More Homeowner Porn

I heard the other day that more Americans than ever are growing disgruntled with President Bush, and it turns out that this particular factoid came from a 50 state poll. What fun! Who loves their Dubya the most? Not Texas, but Utah! In fact, there’s only 6 states where our Commander in Chief has support over the 50% mark.

Wondering which state is at the other end of the chart? The state where you’re least likely to, say, get your window bashed in for, say, having a non-flattering Bush sticker on your car? Did you guess Vermont? Taxachusetts? Oregon? Nope, it’s none other than the smallest state with the biggest hate, Rhode Island. Only 1 in 4 Ocean Staters are likely to approve of 43’s performance on the job. Ouch.

(Hey, what do you know, it’s been a month since I posted. Yikes)

I have some big news that everyone’s been dying to hear: I bought my first Apple computer today!

Yesterday saw the introduction of the Intel based Mac Mini, which I’ve been waiting for the past few months. I am very excited.

Now we’ll see how long I can keep from becoming a Mac Attack. They got Em already, but I’ll try to hold off as long as I can…

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