February, 2006 Archives

So while we have a little lull in the PATRIOT Act, I’ve decided now is a good time to take out some potentially subversive books from the library. Up first, because I’ve really been enjoying the show on Cartoon Network, is the Boondocks Treasury. Having never lived in a city where the paper included Aaron MacGruder’s strip, it’s cool to read the entire run from the begining.

And, you know how sometimes you’ll have read a book or a comic, you’ll have a mental idea of what characters sound like? And then you see a show/cartoon, and the voices are way off from what you imagined? And it’s really freaky? I’m not having that problem now. All the voices have been pre-registered in my mind. It’s kind of cool.

So anyway, I recommend you check out the Boondocks, if you like your little kids talking politics and ranting about the president (which, you know, I do).

PS Oh yeah, the title of this post. I reserved this book from the library, and had to sent to my local branch. When I got it, I saw it came from Tiverton, which is fitting, if you want to check out the percentage of black people of that town, here.