October, 2005 Archives

The good news: normal bedtimes, lower blood pressure (once the rage subsides), less Tim McCarver, no more Kevin Millar, and being able to watch Lost without flipping channels.

The bad news: resurrection of the perception that 2004 was an outlier and ugh, Ozzie Guillen.

Oh well. It’s not like anything could have topped last year, so it’s just as well that now we can squeeze a little more productive time from our days (more blogging, perhaps?) Wait til last year.

Now all we can do is root for the Halos and ‘Stros. And if this idea hasn’t been put out there, I’d like suggest that an infamous 86 year old curse wasn’t actually broken last year, just transferred to a certain $200 million dollar team of choke artists. So buck up, Yankee fans, anyone can have a bad century.

Anyway, go Pats! (oh, wait…)

Down without a Fight

By the time anyone reads this, today’s game will probably be over, but I’m just bursting with excitement. I wondered if this year would be less invigorating, but I’m pretty giddy now as the defending World Champions take on Chicago.

If anyone’s looking for predictions, I’m guaranteeing the Sox win the series. You can bet on it.