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In case you haven’t heard, this is what makes baseball so great. Red Sox-Yankees, the bite in the air, the tightening of the chest, the exhilaration, the electricity. Fenway in October. A-Rod vs. Papi.

And tonight… wow. Timlin, huge. Wells, awesome. Tek! Clutch game all around. I think I bruised my hand while pumping my fist in the ninth.

It’s a three game series now, gotta win two before we lose two. The fridge is stocked with Sam Adams and I’m not taking off my number 34 shirt til Sunday night. This is awesome.

I’ve been fairly despondant over the devestation of New Orleans, specifically as someone who’s spent much of the last few years living there and generally as an American appalled at the emergency response. I’ve been plagued by unsettling dreams all week.

Clearly you don’t need another reminder that your monetary contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of fellow Americans who have been left with nothing, who have gone through hell. But in case you’re so inclined at this particular moment, let me make it easy for you. I wish I had more to give.

So I’m going to try to put my funk behind me (because it’s not helping anyone, not because “I’m over it”). The Pats are back, the Sox are in first, Steve Laffey’s gone nuts, I’ve got a new fish tank to show you, and there’s lots of good blog posts coming up. Stay tuned.

Down and Out