July, 2005 Archives

I just had the interesting experience of buying a “beta book.” Kinda link beta software, it’s a book that’s not quite ready yet. However, some people (like me) want their info NOW, even if there are some typos or bad formatting. Thus, the beta book. Pretty cool.

Not so cool, though, was the incredibly unsatisfying experience of paying $22 for a pdf. If I put down anything more than $5, I want a dead tree, dammit.

Dear International Motor Group Service Dept, Warwick, RI,

I understand that you don’t make much money off of state mandated car inspections, and thus would like to find another, more lucrative, service to provide me. However, my current bills and student loan debt preclude me from dropping the $500 you requested to install a $130 pipe and clean my fuel injectors. So I’m sorry that I had to put that pipe on myself, in 45 minutes with no lift, and you had to retest my car for free. I wish I could have given you a grand and gotten a new suspension, too, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I don’t even drive that much anymore.

Sorry again,

Not that you’d be able to tell from the new “design” around here, I’ve been really interested in good design, be it digital or real-world-y (I might tell you what specifically has been fueling that interest, someday).

From the latter category, I thought I’d list some of my favorite winners of the 2005 Industrial Design Excellence Awards if you’re interested. They are the Self-watering flowerpot, Disposable, eco-friendly footwear, Origami DVD Player, and the Kansas City Downtown Library (and of course beer!).

There’s over 140 more, check ’em out.


With this beautiful holiday weekend upon us, I’m very excited to have a friend from college visiting RI for the first time. That of course means that I won’t be in front of the computer at all, but to keep the non-updating to a minimum, here’s a picture of my guest enjoying her first Del’s lemonade by the Providence Waterfront.

It's Crantastic

Today we’re taking the ferry down to Newport before coming back in time for the capital city’s fireworks. Should be an awesome day. I hope everyone else is enjoying their Independence Day weekend, talk to you on Tuesday!