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Hey guys, I’m deep in the heart of Texas at the Dallas/Fort Worth mall, I mean, airport. And for six bucks I scored an hour’s worth of internet, so now that I’m finished deleting 679 pieces of spam via webmail, I’ve got 11 minutes to post an update.

As it turned out, my trip to Colorado involved going back to “The Time Before Broadband!!” Hence the absence of scathing critiques of soulless Colorado Springs sprawl and pretty pictures of Pike’s Peak and the edge of the Rockies. Not that I could see them yesterday as forest fires in Arizona were obscuring the horizon all the way up to Denver. Crazy.

So my time grows short. I have to grab a double mochalattechino from Starbucks before I get on the plane to Boston (Home of the World Champion, AL East leading Boston Red Sox) because it looks like I’ll have to catch the 11:20 train home and not get to hit my pillow before 1:30am or so. Fricken traveling. See you tomorrow!

A $1.10 Post

What happened to the golden age of internet travel?! I suppose the same thing that happened to the golden age of the internet in general, but dayum did Priceline give me a scare this week. (I know, I shouldn’t blame old James T., but when you’re the face of a company I’m sure a lot of misplaced anger is hurled your way).

Anyway, after being told repeatedly over the course of a week or so that certain flights were available at certain prices, I was consistantly met with “we’re sorry, air fares change by the minute and sometimes we don’t have the best fare info” messages upon furnishing my credit card digits. Screw you! About $100 north of my best offer (determined by the entire contents of my checking account), Priceline finally hooked me up with a flight to Colorado. From Boston, of course.

Does this mean another week of emptiness here? Hopefully not, as I’ve managed to secure a new laptop for the trip, but we’ll see. Enjoy the weekend, I’ll be in the mountains.

Damn You Bill Shatner!

West Bay’ers rejoice, there is a new Cold Stone Creamery in East Greenwich! That’s the good news. The bad news is that it will be a Cold Stone in Hell before the line ceases to spill out the door of this new location. Well, that’s probably not true, but the past two nights that Em and I have tried to get in it’s been at least a half hour wait.

Cold Stone, in case you haven’t been to one, is the Subway of ice cream franchises. Pick your flavor, pick your toppings, and the eager scoopers mix and mash it all together on a frozen slab of marble right before your eyes. Good stuff. I especially recommend the glycemic-coma-inducing cake batter ice cream with oreos smashed in. Mmm!

What I don’t recommend is tipping you scooper. As you’ll surely find out when you spend your entire evening in line, tips induce an unfortunate and demeaning girl scout-ish song/chant from all the workers, in appreciation of getting your $.14 change. I usually tell them I’ll tip them $2 if they don’t sing…

I’ve been getting emails and IMs and even non-digital questions (of various degrees of concern) about what the hell happened to A Cry for Help. Just so we’re clear, I’m taking a bit of a blog vacation, moving, enjoying the rare nice day, and making my way through all Dunkin Donuts’ flavors of iced coffee (marshmallow today!). I’ll probably be back sometime in the future. I trust no one’s life has been too adversely affected by this unannounced hiatus, but I hope some have missed bil.com, even a little.

As usual, the best way to stay informed of any posts around here is to subscribe to the Cry for Help RSS or Atom feed. (how?)

Hope you’re all doing well. Talk to you soon.

[update – wow, I guess there was some server problems that I never even noticed. Nightwing tried to post last month, and people were even leaving comments! Looks like everything’s back now. Could a renaissance be far behind?]

We Were On a Break!

I miss Billy’s site. I still check it every day. It’s turning into a ghosttown…just like the OLD WEST!!!!!

Anyhoo, i probably should write more, but i’m at work, and, while that wouldn’t normally stop me, i just can’t think of anything else to say.

I just wanted to say hi. So, Hi!

I do have a little business to take care of with you Rhode Islanders. I’m coming back to Rhody tonight to visit my family, and bought some Iron & Wine tickets for his show at Lupos on Saturday night. Being excited that after 3 years of living in NY, there is FINALLY a good show in Providence on a weekend that i come home, i instantly bought some tickets – just as my friend Erin told me her boyfriend had some extra tickets for me. So here’s where you, dear C4H readers, come in. Would anyone be willing to buy 1, 2 or all 3 of my tickets? I’ll take off the Ticketmaster surcharge and go straight face value – $25. They should be worth every penny, i’ve never heard a complaint from anyone that has seen him play.

If you don’t know who Iron & Wine is, you’ve heard him, as i’m sure most of you have seen Garden State – he sings the Postal service cover in the movie – Such Great Heights.

So, if you’re interested, email me at Wehavethecat@hotmail.com

oh, and….I Love You.

Hello?? Anyone There?