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David Grenier’s new blogroll includes one-line commentary on the sites he links, including the following:

I know, it's bad

Oh, the shame. So true, though.

Shamed Into This Post

Gasoline at Hess in my ‘hood has been consistantly at least 10¢cheaper than everyone else for a couple weeks now – what do they know that everyone else doesn’t?

My Week In Gas

Can I just say, I love all this pope stuff. I attribute part of it to the surely-going-to-hell author Dan Brown, who set Angels and Demons amidst a conclave (literally “with key”, because they’re locked in). Plus secret meetings are cool, unless it involves Dick Chaney and the oilman from the Simpsons.

Of course, I don’t watch cable news, so that probably helped me appreciate all the historic arcana.

What really has me scratching my head was the sadly obvious framing of papal succession as having anything to do with our quaint American left-right brou-ha-ha. I’m almost positive no one thought a new pope might step in and declare God loves fags or that the church thinks abortion is swell [ed. note: this guy thinks so. Of course, he also classifies threats of retribution against public servants as “pointed remarks” -Bil]. How self-centered can we get? This is a global leader, not a UN ambassador. I don’t care what the hell American Catholics want. Suck it up. Aren’t you supposed to do what God wants, anyway?

So I’m glad Ratzinger was selected. I kind of hope he goes medieval on everyone. “I’m Catholic, but I don’t see a problem with the pill.” EXCOMMUNICATED! “I’m Catholic, but we have to kill all the Iraqis we can before they get us again, like they did on 9/11.” EXCOMMUNICATED! “I’m Catholic, but if a retarded 13 year old kills someone, he should fry, and I’d like to pull the lever.” EXCOMMUNICATED!

To hell with you all (literally, this time).


I am just sick about the horrible, pointless, random murder of Providence Detective James Allen. I can’t even begin to imagine the hole left in his family, including the Providence Police force. My condolences to them all. I wish I had more to offer.

Em remarked that the murder of a public protector is among the worst of crimes against society, and that’s about right.

Tragedy at HQ

I always have my taxes done wicked early, usually in February at the latest. I spend April 15th shaking my head at the idiots at the post office, waiting in line at midnight to mail their taxes. What is wrong with these people?!

I only mention this because I’ll be one of those idiots this year. While I was watching the Sox paste one on the Devil Rays, it occurred to me that I never got my state tax return. A quick peek into my filing cabinet and I realized why: I never did mail it in. So off I go to Providence to get it in just in time. Direct all ridicule to the comments section.


I’m a sucker for horns anyway, but this song by the Decemberists is wonderfully infectious. Made me rush right out and get the album Picaresque (hooray for vocabulary rock. See also Pavement and Bad Religion), which I’m getting into between TV shows and hive-painting. Good stuff.

The question I have is why haven’t Mike or Nightwing told us about these guys yet? Anyway, in the rich Cry for Help tradition of reprinting the words to songs with topical lyrics:

Sixteen Military wives,
thirty-two softly focused, brightly colored eyes.
Staring at the natural tan
Of thirty-two gently clenching, wrinkled, little hands
Seventeen company men,
Out of which only twelve will make it back again.
Sargeant sends a letter to
Five military wives as tears drip down
From ten little eyes

Cheer them on to their rivals
Because America can and America can’t say no
And America does if America says it’s so.
And the anchor person on TV goes:
“La di da di da”

Fifteen celebrity minds,
Leading their fifteen sordid, wretched, checkered lives.
Will they find the solution in time,
Using their fifteen crispy, moderate-liberal minds?
Eighteen Academy chairs,
Out of which only seven really even care.
Doling out a garland to five celebrity minds,
they’re humbly taken by surprise.

Cheer them on to their rivals
Because America can and America can’t say no
And America does if America says it’s so.
And the anchor person on TV goes:
“La di da di da di diddy diddy da.
La di da di da di diddy diddy da.”

Fourteen cannibal kings,
Wondering blithely what the dinner bell will bring.
Fifteen celebrity minds
Served on a leafy bed of sixteen military wives.

And the anchorperson on TV goes la di da di da.

Sixteen Military Wives

I love when I get email from readers. Since I get more hits in a day than I have commenters (or friends, for that matter, which reflects not on a high number of visitors but a pretty low number of friends), I’m always surprised when I get mail from out of the blue. The other day I got an email from a reporter with The Pawtucket Times who was asking some questions about RI blogs and bloggers. I prattled on in email with some boring and probably useless-to-him info, so perhaps you’ll see my name in a more, ahem, respectable venue.

In my entire life I don’t think anything I’ve ever said to a reporter has made it into a published story, but I’ll be on the lookout anyway. If anyone who actually subscribes to the PawTimes (not the same ring as PawSox, eh?) sees an article on blogs, please leave a comment!

(Any other bloggers get an email from this guy? I sent him a link or three)

I just can’t possibly keep up. Every day, more posts, from more interesting sites, competing for the dwindling time I spend surfing the web (set to dwindle further as the weather gets nicer). How do people do it? The Poor Urblog withers on the vine at a time when it should be bursting at the seams. A Cry for Help has devolved into my personal blather that bores even me. Meanwhile I’m supposed to be finishing a website for a freelance job, negotiating with my college loan guarantors, setting up two backyard apiaries, developing a fairly large piece of software and dropping 20 pounds. And I used to read books and take pictures and keep my fish tank clean!

Anyway, despite the title, I’m not quitting anything. The magic of RSS has pretty much freed me from the guilt of non-updating, and if you keep coming back, well, thank you. However, if you’re looking for new blogs to fill the once dependable bil.com gap, here’s two new Rhode Island sites worth a look/bookmark: Rhode Island’s Future (the inverse-Anchor Rising, though you’ll notice both are optimistically titled) and Black, White, Left, Right, which I found via RIF (not Reading is Fundamental). I’ve been meaning to make a definitive list of RI blogs, but some combination of laziness, busy-ness (not business, apparently) and fear that you all will discover the dark secret that lives in my title bar has prevented me from doing said link compilation.

Rhode Island’s Future is notable, to me at least, for listing among it’s contributors David Segal, the only Green to hold elected office in RI (as an East Side City Councilman). That aside, I’ve found lots to like in the tone and content of all the recent posts there. (Ah, group blogs, so many updates, so little pressure. One thing I’ve learned is you can’t give posting privileges to people with less time and/or motivation than yourself. Not having your name in the URL probably helps, too). BWLR, what little I’ve skimmed of it, seems to have the sadly rare quality of being written with an open mind. Of course that’s my lazy-journalist-style analysis of a site that doesn’t scream rank partisanship at you when you come through the door. As always, visit and make up your own mind.

Packing It In

Who will be Rhode Island’s junior Senator in the 110th US Congress? Already we know it won’t be James Langevin or Patrick Kennedy (thank god). Will My Favorite Republican hold his seat? Or will Matt Brown move his office from one marble domed capitol to another in DC? That could only happen if he bests Sheldon Whitehouse in a primary battle. What about a Republican primary? Senator Laffey, anyone?

This Senate race, more than a year and a half away, has already started, and it could be exciting (or at least, interesting).

I’ll say this for my first impressions: I love Linc Chafee, though I am painfully aware that he’s partly responsible for Bill Frist’s control of the Senate. Matt Brown seems great, but he’s going to have to prove to me he’s ready for and deserving of a seat in the world’s most exclusive club. Sheldon Whitehouse doesn’t get a lot of points in my book for losing to 3-time loser Myrth York in 2002. Also, I’m grateful to not have to debate the merits of Jim Langevin in a Democratic primary or defend the voting record of a guy (Patrick Kennedy) who sorta irks me, personally.

First event: Matt Brown is giving a talk at Rhode Island College this Thursday. I’m going to be there. Brian Hull’s going to be there. You should think about coming too.

2006 is Fast Upon Us

To celebrate the return of my summer obsession, Em and I baked a cake.

Sox Cake
Inside the Sox Cake

Add some hot dogs and a six pack of Sam Adams, and you got yourself a good night. Now let’s smoke the Big Gangly Unit and start the season in first place.

Opening Day