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After about 45 minutes of generally positive reviews of Kerry, I had a fairly cynical thought. There better not be an Orange Alert in the next 7 days.


Before the media gives me my opinion, here are my first reactions (slanted as they may be).

Kerry did slightly better than I expected. I expected him to do well, and I think he did.

Bush did not do as well as I expected. I was surprised, actually.

There were no major flubs at all. Bush was halting in his speech sometimes, but nothing new there. Kerry looked better for talking opposite Bush. There was one point (on NBC10’s coverage) where Bush looked like he got punched in the face. Kerry looked better when listening, except when he was stupidly nodding at some of Bush’s points.

Both candidates looked pretty good. Kerry was less tan than earlier this week, Bush dyed his hair a little bit, I think. No funky ties, no sweating.

Kerry made a lot of points that I was screaming at the television, so I was very happy about that. I still wish someone would ask Bush, when he talks about defending us from Saddam, what weapons exactly were threatening us? Other than that, I think the out and out lies and mischaracterizations were at a minimum (At least for this type of thing).

I don’t think the “wrong war, wrong time” thing was a winner. Bush kept hammering it. But then, I have no idea what independents think about this. Bush keep putting words in Kerry’s mouth, I don’t like that. Bush did a much better job of repeating his themes, which any advertiser will tell you is a must.

Kerry’s close was very good, I think, “looking in the voter’s eye.” Bush’s was also good, though he seemed to be answering unasked questions/addressing what Kerry wasn’t saying.

Based on that (modeled loosely on this), I think Kerry won that debate. Not by a blowout, by any means, but I would give him the edge. I’m sure everyone is shocked. Now, let the spin begin…

Debate 1: First Reactions

Remember the RI+URBlog? Haha, me either! I finally got around to posting on it, though, so go check it out. There’s pictures and everything.

The Wrecking Ball Comes to (Down)Town

URBlog Update: Wrecking Downtown

Well I finally put an email link up, so in case you’ve been dying to email me now you can. I also put “about this site” up there, but I need help with that part. People who stumble across A Cry for Help might be curious as to what they’re getting in to, so I’ll put up an info page to oblige them. Here’s what I got so far:

A Cry for Help…
…is written mostly by Bil Herron, with some help from his friends.
…is anchored to the real world roughly in the middle of Rhode Island, the smallest and bestest state in the USA.
…is politically progressive (in a pragmatic idealist sort of way).
…is a tongue-in-cheek title. Our self-esteem is fine.

What else needs to go on the list? Leave a comment, OR(!) use the contact Bil link to email me!

Also, I’m soliciting testimonials from regulars as to why they love (or love to hate) A Cry for Help. Expressing your feelings about me is fine, too. Here’s one from a very attractive man:

“Probably the single most important website for bipeds” -Bil

Can you do better?

About This Site

I’d heard about a flyer being sent out by the Republican National Committee that averred that liberals were going to ban the bible and allow men to marry each other. I read about it on the liberal blogs, but I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe it. Well, here’s an actual scan of the flyer that went out to voters in Arkansas. That’s pretty nasty, I think. Especially coming from the official party office.

I saw a guy on cable news defending the content, saying that the Bible actually has been banned from places like school and city halls, which of course isn’t true (or, if you want to be generous, is a slightly twisted interpretation). I mean, I was assigned readings from the Bible in (public) high school, even here in a godless blue state.

Probably time to dust off those “Republicans want to steal your Social Security money (and push you down the stairs)” ads from Democratic races past.

(I know this is old news among the blogs, but we march to a different timer here at aC4H)

Bible Banning

More from Matt B., MusicMobs: “Musicmobs is a social network for music fans that allows you to share your listening habits and discover new music.” You can upload your iTunes (and WinAmp, I think) library listing and it will analyze your collection and make suggestions based on your listening habits. Awesome idea, and the more people who sign on, the better the system will be.

Here’s my profile, so you can see how good (or not) my taste in music is. Here’s Matt’s surprisingly Van Halen heavy rotation. Leave a comment if you upload yours.

Music Mobs

Matt B. sends this along, a creative (and colorful) interpretation of war.

Peanuts Away!

After a few years of equivocating, Major League Baseball has decided to move the Montreal Expos to Washington DC. (and I’m already sick of the phrase “the national pastime returns to the nation’s capital.”) This is of particular interest to Em and I, as we’re going to have to add another stop on our quest to hit all the Major League parks.

We went to Olympic Stadium in 2002 because there was talk at the time that they’d be contracted out of existence. It was awful. Montreal is a great city, but just not a place for baseball. So I’m excited that they’re moving, and there’ll be a new stadium only an 8 hour car ride away. I was hoping that Portland, Oregon would get the team, but that’s mostly because I’d like to go out there.

Now, please, please don’t let them be the Washington Expos. (Utah Jazz?! Arizona Cardinals?!)

Au Revoir, Montreal

I know I was complaining about installing Service Pack 2 to WinXP, so I figured I should update that. After a few startups, the load time has gotten almost back to normal. So that’s good. The firewall hasn’t been too much trouble, and now it seems to work with my wireless router (it didn’t before). Also, and I am very excited about this, the previously unchangeable default action on image files is now Open (with my image viewer application) and not Preview (which opened with MS Picture and Fax viewer).

OK, just wanted to get that out there. Macs are still better, yada yada yada.

SP2 Update

Remember the giant gorilla from a while back? He’s got a new friend, as Lloyd Morse’s bid to be mayor takes another laughter-inducing turn.


To accompany the new Bulldogzilla, this sign:

vote Morse

And we’re still over a month away from election day! Stay tuned, this can only get better (or worse, depending on your perspective).

I saw this bumper sticker today:

Belichick for Prez

I like it. You know they’re a winning team, and no one can accuse them of not being Patriots. Great choice for disaffected New Englanders (except in NH and Maine. You bastards better not waste your vote!) Get your sticker here.

A Real Choice

I just installed Service Pack 2 on Windows XP (Pro) and startup takes about a full minute longer than it used to. I debated a while whether or not to put it on, since I consider myself among the more careful computer users, and I didn’t think I’d need the extra security features promised in SP2. I think I made the wrong choice.

Also, I’m reminded how obnoxious Microsoft is, since they added IE icons all over the place and put stuff in my favorites without permission. I don’t even use IE!

Slow ‘Puter 2