I could pick on the fact that the Republican Convention is featuring speakers who disagree with a major plank or two of the official GOP platform (cartoons! one two three and this one in today’s ProJo), but you can get that anywhere. Plus I like Big Tents. Instead, let’s look at the one-man contradiction, Virginia Congressman Ed Schrock:

The National Journal ties him as the second most conservative person in all of Congress in 2003, behind only Dennis Hastert. This isn’t necessarily a turn-off in his district, which includes Virginia Beach, home of Pat Robertson, as well as Hampton Roads, home of 300,000 active-duty military and veterans. A strong family man with a wife and kids, Schrock was a co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment and opposes any possible rights for gay people, including non-discrimination in employment.

The problem is, his constituents may soon discriminate against his employment, as Schrock also seeks out gay sex on telephone dating services, and gay activists are about to release the tapes.

Yikes. It’s almost satisfying, in the way that people find reality TV satisfying, but also sad. I can’t even fathom what must have been going through his head.

Also, I’m with James on the issue of “outing.”

Why it couldn’t happen to a better party:

Not all delegates were disappointed. “I’m a conservative Christian, and the gay lifestyle is the wrong lifestyle,” said Fred Gerald, a delegate from southern Virginia. “It does not set a very good example for our young people, and it lowers the values in America having gay people in government.”


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