(There is no curse, except the curse of people always bring up the curse. That said…)

The Sox just won their sixth game in a row, and 10th of the last 12. After falling 11 games behind the Yankees and losing their wild card lead, the Red Hot Red Sox are back on top by a game in the wild card and the Yankee lead has been cut in half. All of a sudden I’m starting to recognize the guys I remember from last fall. They’re looking good right now, but there’s 40 games left on the schedule. Are we playoff bound? I think so.

I’m ready to make some more predictions. Final record 94-68, which will be short of the Yanks 101-61. That’s ok, though, because the Sox win the wild card, and the Yankees get booted in the first round when their starting pitching just implodes. That’s bad for drama and will deny us the satisfaction of beating the Yankees, but it’s good for the region’s collective blood pressure. Then Boston takes out the Twins in 6 games and then it’s 1946 all over again. Sox-Cards, game 7, who knows what happens.

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  • August 23rd, 2004
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