Lately, the most frequent searches leading people to A Cry for Help have been about the Cranston mayoral race, and almost 3-1 looking for info on Garry Reilly. I don’t have any dirt on him, unfortunately, and anyway Steve Laffey will probably be glad to tell you all about Mr. Reilly. I’m sure we’ll be talking about this a lot more in the next month (much to the chagrin of about 3/4ths of you guys).

Also, on the local political scene, quite a few people are seeking out John Harwood’s challengers in the Pawtucket House race. One guy, though, got a little confused, possibly with current events becoming jumbled in his head. Instead of trying to find out about Harwood’s Democratic challenger Patrick O’Neill, I saw a search for [Swift Boat Veteran Against Kerry] “John O’Neill Pawtucket.” (Though, if you want a local’s reaction to the Swift Boat mud slingers, Bob Kerr writes about it today)

And then in suburban Warwick, of all places, there’s going to be a mayoral primary in the Green Party! Click the link for a blurb on the two candidates, each of whom sound promising. Boy, how often are you picking between two good choices rather than the better of two bad?

It’s heartening to see those interested in local politics being steered this way. So welcome, citizens of Cranston, Pawtucket, Warwick, Newport, Providence, Bristol, Westerly, and so on (let’s get those Google rankings up now, shall we?)

The (Googled) Life of Reilly

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