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Is Jon Stewart a political party? If so, that’s the one I want to be in.

Via Sheila Lennon, this partial interview transcript with Ted Koppel and our favorite fake newsman at Lost Remote.

Make sure you read it, so next time I mention the Coke and Pepsi political debate you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The guy is hilarious, and he gets it. How many other human beings can you say that about? A National Treasure.

A co-founder of the structure of DNA, Francis Crick, died this week. When I was in high school, I counted Dr. Crick among my heroes. In college, I fretted over the realization that I could never experience what he and partner James Watson must have felt in literally unlocking the secret to life.

One of the most eye-opening and inspiring moments of my studies came when I read the single page article from a 1953 volume of the journal Nature that revolutionized biology and medicine. One page that changed the course of history, beginning with the words “We wish to suggest a structure for the salt of deoxyribose nucleic acid (D.N.A.). This structure has novel features which are of considerable biological interest.” Understatement of the century?

Rest in peace, Dr. Crick.

I was planning on doing another installment of perennial favorite “Googling A Cry For Help.” Unfortunately, the last million or so search terms that got people here included Obama and speech. I guess he’s a hit. Luckily no one looking for naked Obama fetish pictures. Yet.

Oh wait, there was one for “Red Sox Yankees fight.” Thus concludes the least interesting G-C4H ever.


I refuse to accept that 1997 was SEVEN years ago. How can that possibly be?!

Anyway, what got me thinking of ’97 was a one hit wonder from that year on Retro Lunch (I can’t get over that all my favorite songs are now “retro”) that I was very excited to hear. It was White Town’s “Your Woman,” which, if you don’t remember, was one of those out-of-nowhere weird songs that popped up from time to time in the mid- to late-nineties. It’s also the one that sounded like the Imperial March from Star Wars. Ringing any bells? Great song.

(If you don’t know what I am talking about, but still want to, go download the track from iTunes. It’s worth a buck. And while you’re there, “pick up” Less Than Jake’s “B Is for B-Sides,” only $7.99!!)

John Kerry, reporting for duty.

I trust this man to lead us to best America possible, together.

This convention actually changed my vote; I’m no longer voting against George W. Bush, I’m voting for John Kerry.

Channel 10’s Bill Rappleye, the station’s political reporter, is of course up in Boston covering the convention. This being the “Year of the Blogger at the Convention!!!” channel 10 has set up a Rapple-blog (my name, not theirs) which, believe it or not, is fairly good. Of course, it only has two entries, but whatever. If you turn to 10, you might want to check it out.

What I gleaned out of it, though, was finally being able to place what bothers me about the Rapper. He’s a less obnoxious Bill O’Reilly. You know I’m right.

The Rapple-Eye

More video goodness from your Cry for Help. First off, watch this clip from the Daily Show (so you can make sense of the rest of this post).

So now that we “know” that John Kerry is the “most liberal senator” and way “out of the mainstream,” do we really have to ask what that means? As Jon Stewart posits, according to the media the answer is no. But on the off-chance that you like to collect all available information and make a choice, here’s something to consider.
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Talking Points

Weezer recorded some great pop songs back in the day. That’s reason enough to dig the band, but that doesn’t tell the whole story on my enjoyment and devotion to Weezer. I continue to follow Weezer even as their recent albums lag, because of their enigmatic frontman, Rivers Cuomo. Sure he has the typical rock star trappings – he’s insane, he wants to lead the biggest band in the world yet yearns to lead a private life, and he defies logic in every single choice he makes – but it is the way he does things that keeps me interested. Cuomo has drastic shifts in style and purpose that occur so fast, following along with him is like being high while on a roller coaster.

I could provide examples, but no one could do it better than the man himself. Recently posted on River’s myspace page (which is widely agreed to actually be created and maintained by the actual Rivers Cuomo) is his recent readmission letter to Harvard. It is a wickedly interesting look into the mind of a man who I consider to be one of the more important musicians of our generation. I hope to someday be as eccentric as Mr. Cuomo.

I’m off to wash my ham sandwiches with Jules Verne. Eng Gah!

Notes From A Tortured Genius

Back yahd fiyawerks! At the Haht Dawg Pahty! Thanks Jallen!

The Annual Hot Dog Party was excellent: Ballpark Franks, Fenway Franks, Grillmaster Cajun Franks, and Tofu Dogs.

Yacht Club Soda, Old Speckled Hen, and a bucket of frozen daquiris.

BEST FIREWORK SHOW EVER at the Atwood ballfield by the Saint Mary’s Feast Association (don’t count on that being the official name) consisting of 1 (one) grand opening, 2 (two) FALSE GRAND FINALES, and 1 (one) actual grand finale.

Also, everyone who attended received a complimentary Alan Shawn Feinstein sticker* with authentic Alan Shawn Feinstein quote.

*When ASF finally ends World Hunger, these stickers will be practically priceless. If you act now, you can purchase these stickers for a fraction of their future price. Join my elite ASF Sticker Club and become a millionaire when every human being on the planet has food in their cupboards.


Hollywood’s loony left smears and distorts the President’s strong leadership once again: Stick with Bushie, this message is AWESOME

I’ve been watching MSNBC for the convention coverage (after the live events, which I like to watch CSPAN for, no news crawl). One of the guests for the past two nights has been Ben Affleck, and guess what: he knows his stuff.

Well, he knows his conventional wisdom, at least, but that in itself is pretty surprising. Good for him. Better talking about politics than the Sox, where he just pisses me off.

If you’re not watching the Democratic National Convention, you’re missing out. Last night Al Gore, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton addressed the convention (and the nation). Gore was great. He trotted out his SNL-ish one-liners on the recount, and was disarming. He wasn’t breathing fire as he had been in the last few months, and all in all very good. 537 votes…

Of course, Bill Clinton outshines everyone. If you’re like me and didn’t have a policy interest during the 90s (being more concerned about issues like trig homework and getting your drivers license), then you probably don’t have the baggage to get in the way of enjoying his oratory. I particularly liked his self-deprecating humor, lumping himself in with Bush and Cheney as those who found a way out of serving in Vietnam (“During the Vietnam War, many young men—including the current president, the vice president and me—could have gone to Vietnam but didn’t. John Kerry came from a privileged background and could have avoided it too. Instead he said, send me.”). I think Kerry should get the Big Dog out on the campaign trail more.

Tuesday night’s lineup was even better. I watched Howard Dean, whose welcome was overwhelming (“I’d hoped for this kind of reception. Though I was hoping it would be on Thursday [the nominee’s night], not Tuesday”). The speech was actually kind of weak, but that didn’t matter too much to me, I can’t watch Gov Dean without thinking what could have been.

After Dean I watched about 95% of Barack Obama’s keynote address. He was flat out incredible (he’s running for US Senate in Illinois). Mike IM’ed me to tell me he had trouble remaining dry-eyed during the speech, and my eyes welled up a couple times too. Edwards/Obama in 2012? Seriously, though, this man made me proud to be an American. I think that’s the first time I’ve said that about a politician in a loooong time.

Ron Reagan, the late president’s son, also spoke on the issue of stem cell research. I thought he was very good, too. I think this is an important issue, and I hope a lot of Americans consider this one when deciding thier vote.

I missed Theresa Heinz-Kerry, John’s wife, but the clips I have seen were underwhelming. Tomorrow tune in for John Edwards, and Kerry accepts the nomination on Thursday. This is your chance to hear what the candidates want to say to you directly, you shouldn’t miss it.

AND MORE: You can watch Obama’s speech here on the CSPAN website. Watch it. Seriously, amazing stuff.