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Hey everyone! Miss us? We’re back, getting in around 2am last night. The trip was a rain delay away from almost perfect. We took about 300 pictures and there’ll be plenty of Cry for Helps this week, once we get settled. I had 360 emails waiting which I am sorting through now (we only had internet access in St. Louis, and no time to search out hotspots).

But we’re back safe in RI, watching the Sox and drinking Dels, and never being more than a quarter mile from a Dunkin Donuts. Ah, good to be back!

We’re Back!

Greetings from St. Louis! Or should I say the wet, baseball-less Gateway to the West. After a nasty nasty storm swept across the area this afternoon, the Cardinals game we were due to see was rained out, to be played in August or something. So that sucks big time. We’re due in Cincinnati tomorrow night for a Reds game, so it looks like we’re 0 for one on our Great Midwestern Baseball trip.

We did manage to salvage the rest of the day. We got into town around 11 am or so, took a quick driving tour (there should be some cool stuff on the URBlog from what we saw here). Breakfast was at Panera, but here it’s called St. Louis Bread Co. Randomly following a big red line on the sidewalk we ended up touring the Old Courthouse (site of the Dred Scott decision! Exciting!) While we were in there, the skies opened up and ruined our Busch Stadium plans.

After checking into the hotel, we walked over to the Arch. You can ride a Kubrickian pod 630 feet up to the top, but the weather restricted the view to just about a mile or so. Some sights were cool, though, while others were cruel. After descending, we walked over to the original settlement, which was dead in the Tuesday afternoon rain. We took the only subway/light rail line in St. Louis from there to Busch Stadium, where we quickly learned from the many ballpark employees filing out of the stadium that tonight’s game was off. We were hungry (saving room for the all important hot dog test), so we hopped back on the train to the old Union Station, where we found food in a pretty well designed rehabilitated train station/mall-type thing.

Next, an after dinner stroll back to the hotel and we found out there was no ESPN2 in our room. We ended up in a TGI Friday’s which had the Sox-A’s game on (and a local pale ale on tap) and at least got to watch our nine demolish the Athletics. After I post this (on the hotel’s complimentary high-speed internet, thanks guys!), it’s bed time. Five hours on the road tomorrow and all… And here’s the view out our window as we go to bed:

Day Two – Failure

Starting tomorrow:


Monday – Tuesday: St Louis
Wednesday – Thursday: Cincinnati
Friday: Detroit
Saturday – Sunday: Cleveland

Now you can follow along at home!!

The Trip

Where has Bil been lately, you ask? Over the past few days, many, including myself have made the journey down to the hot & humid city of New Orleans for his long-awaited and glorious Tulane graduation ceremony! Since Bil is definitely leaving New Orleans this time, his family decided to come down one last time and take advantage. So everyone congratulate Bil, as he will officially be a college grad tomorrow!

Even when all of this is over and the family is gone, may see yet another drout. Over the next week, we will be re-enacting Louis & Clark’s famous journey up the Mississippi towards Rhode Island*. Actually, we are driving home from New Orleans via Memphis, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit and Cleveland, catching MLB baseball games in 4 out of those 5 cities. If the hotels out there have internet, we’ll post pictures as we go.

Until then, its hot here.

*I am not funny.

Not the Iraq war front (it’s probably to the benefit of my mental health that I don’t personally know anyone fighting this time around), but the same-sex marriage culture war front. The news is good.

Fellow Rhode Islander David Grenier made the trip to Cambridge Sunday night/Monday morning in a beautiful, if logistically ill-conceived, gesture that he chronicles here. Check it out.

Since I don’t have one of those “Recent Comments” lists on this site (damnable design rigidity!), new comments on old entries never get seen by anyone except me, because I get an email when a comment is left.

I’ve gotten a few lately, so I wanted to point them out to the rest of you guys. First, the Red Sox Pledge I reprinted here is apparently very popular among the Nation. No one has ever thanked me for a post before this one, and I rather like being appreciated!

Second, someone named Jason is interested in the new Dunkin Donuts lids that edogg brought up in comments here. I haven’t been to DD since January, so I don’t know anything about it, but if you’re inclined to help a brutha out, you can email him.

And finally… uh. Hmm, I guess I only had two posts to link to. Oh well. This has been a Public Service Announcement from

Recent Comments

Ready for some mind-blowing conspiracy theorizing? has a post with 50 Fishy Circumstances, Contradictory Claims, and Videotape Anomalies in Nick Berg’s Killing. There’s some weird stuff going on with this story, so take a look at the list (and the debunkings in the comments).

The “wag the dog” idea is especially intriguing. However, you could show me proof that the government ordered electrodes strapped to every Arab man’s testicles and I still wouldn’t believe we could do this to an American.

On the other hand, I remember watching the Daniel Pearl video and there were quite a few differences, most notably the insistance that Pearl talk about being a Jew (Nick Berg was also Jewish).

So check it out if you’re in the mood for a good conspiracy. That’s one of the fun things about running one of the most secretive administrations ever; you don’t get the benefit of the doubt too often.

Tinfoil Hat Theater

…along with Massachusetts.

Says the ProJo: Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick Lynch said today that he sees nothing preventing Rhode Island from recognizing same-sex marriages performed in Massachusetts but suggested that lawmakers and the courts would ultimately decide that question.


Does this officially make us the second state in the union where gays and lesbians can be legally recognized by the state as having the rights and responsibilities (and nomenclature) of civil marriage? I think it does, and hopefully soon we can make it an option for all Rhode Islanders to get married at home.

Steve emails: “Your Biggest Little just recognized same sex marriages performed in MA. I beat you to the blogging!”

Yeah, I got sick of waiting, so I went off to read a book. It took you long enough today, Patrick!

Has anyone seen this? what do you think?


Tomorrow’s the day gay couples in Massachusetts can legally obtain marriage licenses. Some couples from the original Goodridge case that opened the door to issuing the licenses plan on getting married tomorrow, but most will have to wait at least three days. Same-sex marriage opponents will have to wait a lot longer before a vote on an amendment that could stop the marriages.

Both sides of the issue will be watching Massachusetts closely, both believing that the first-in-the-nation experiment in SSM will rally a mostly unfazed electorate to action. Advocates believe that seeing friends and neighbors and fellow Americans experiencing the familiar bliss of their wedding days will dull the fire and brimstone rhetoric of the religious right. Opponents think that a gay couple trying to get marriage rights outside of Massachusetts will finally wake up the moral majority (who, according to today’s NY Times, are indeed asleep)

Just to the south, RI Attorney General Patrick Lynch will issue the opinion of the State as to whether Mass. Marriages will be recognized in Rhode Island. We have bills in the legislature now for both outlawing and legalizing same sex marriage here, though there hasn’t been much movement on either so far. Meanwhile, watch the ProJo letter section this week, as today’s paper featured a front page image of two men sharing a tender moment (you might remember the minor furor over the pic of two guys kissing a while back). The article is pretty good if you want to check it out.

Check back tomorrow for what AG Lynch says. Either way it should be an important decision for same-sex marriage in RI.

Apocalypse Tomorrow

Well, as often happens near the end of a semester, I’ve lost another weekend to an awful hangover. I still feel like crap, but I don’t like to abandon A Cry for Help for more than a couple days (even though I am notoriously bad with weekend posting), so here’s a couple links I have open in my browser that I’ll probably never be able to work into an actual post:

Republicans use Yahoo! for… yachts.

Surveillance Camera Players in Providence – This guy is one of those overly paranoid nuts (or is he…) but what really bugs me is the Providence bashing. That does not go over well here at A Cry for Help. Eastside = Student ghetto?

Lastly, Bristol gives fast food chains the finger. I’m writing up an RI+URBlog post about this, but I can’t really type more than two coherent sentences in a row right now, so just check out that link and see yet another benefit of being a rich community.

Dehydration Linkfest

I don’t usually like two sentence blog entries with a link and a joke, but I really had to post this one, just to use what will surely be the most overused punchline by anyone who reads this story:

Can you hear me NOW MOTHERFUCKER!?!

Ring-tone Rage?